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  1. uzhvecher

    Token fate

    If you're carrying, say, 10,000 tokens on CB, and then you get banned, you lose those tokens. But would you still get paid for them if, prior to being banned, you had already converted them to cash?
  2. uzhvecher

    Models asking regulars to create new accounts

    I can already guess how the CB affiliate sites themselves will feel about this, but what is stopping a model from convincing a regular user to create a new account using her affiliate link, with that convincing coming in the form of a password show, or an exclusive video, or something in...
  3. uzhvecher

    Getting past the unknown

    I've broadcast a few times on cam4 and chaturbate and I can't get past the unknowable-ness of the users. The user names that are meaningless to me. What if this person knows me? Who are they and are their intentions in general decent? Models how do you get past this, if it is something you had...
  4. uzhvecher

    So last night a new model appeared on chaturbate ...

    ... and to say I was shocked by how young she looked is an understatement. She barely looked 13. It was disturbing on many levels, among them just how many users were in her room, although perhaps many were, like me, there in disbelief. I sent a pic of her to two model friends and we were all in...
  5. uzhvecher


    I searched these forums for malware/ransomware/virus and chaturbate and found nothing. A friend received this notice last night. Her account has long been verified without issue. Is it legit? Is it new?
  6. uzhvecher

    Bantokens and the Affiliate Program

    For those models who are paid via Bantokens, can they participate in the affiliate program and receive that additional pay from Bantokens?
  7. uzhvecher

    Default purchase and refund (thanks)

    Chaturbate does this thing when you're buying tokens where it defaults to the purchase of 4050 tokens. So if you try to buy 100 tokens, and for whatever reason your payment method fails, when you return to the payment page, don't think that your 100 token selection remains. Rather, it defaults...