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  1. TaylorDaisy

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    I'm about to join SM again, and solely did Gold Shows. Does this mean I would have to wait a month before getting that enabled? With 90hrs put in..?
  2. TaylorDaisy

    Yes, another ‘in love with a camgirl’ thread. But I’d love opinions if anyone is willing to share them.

    With that being said, as much as it sucks & will hurt, you need to cut all ties with this girl IMO. Put your love into something else. A hobby. One that doesn't involve the cam world for a while.
  3. TaylorDaisy

    Yes, another ‘in love with a camgirl’ thread. But I’d love opinions if anyone is willing to share them.

    Damn, I mean...regardless of there being countless posts about this, this is still a person who is caught up in something that is effecting him emotionally to an extreme extent. As models, I see us post the same things over and over again but still receive loving responses and the genuine...
  4. TaylorDaisy

    Use This For Color Scheme Help!

    Hey everyone! Wasn't sure where to post this, so I figured I'd put it in the public side of the forum so the newer models can check it out too :) I'm super picky with my profiles & having everything look aesthetically pleasing, I stumbled across this website: kaboompics dot com All you do is...
  5. TaylorDaisy

    Camming now VS years ago

    Was looking for a place in the Models Only section to post this, but didn't know where would be most appropriate, and decided some other people outside the models only section could benefit from this as well possibly :) From 2013-2015 I worked full time on steamate mainly doing goldshows...
  6. TaylorDaisy

    The scariest thing about caming is...

    Hmm. I disagree. I'm pretty sure most girls in the industry worry about their privacy. Doesn't mean they shouldn't be in the business. We all know there is a relatively good chance of being found out eventually, that's the risk you willingly take when you get into this. And with every risk...
  7. TaylorDaisy

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    I emailed Liz a few months ago and told her I was having privacy issues and she changed my name on my same account that day. She said its normally not an option but made an exception because privacy.
  8. TaylorDaisy

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Got this message on SM after a goldshow yesterday: "Free Video - Tipped $1 Send me a good one to keep me coming back for more." ...because I dont know how I could ever continue my camming career without "gimmi.dat.ass"'s one dollar lol
  9. TaylorDaisy

    i want a lawyer

    i want a lawyer
  10. TaylorDaisy

    i was with my mom! or uhh....maybe it was my friend Nicole...umm actually now that you mention...

    i was with my mom! or uhh....maybe it was my friend Nicole...umm actually now that you mention it i wasnt even here!! i was taking a weekend off in haiti yep thats it have a good day now nothing to see here :)
  11. TaylorDaisy

    Misconceptions regarding where you live

    Oh God this whole thing was hilarious. I'm from Detroit, and WOW IS THERE A LONG LIST OF MISCONCEPTIONS/COMMONLY ASKED FACE-PALMING-TYPE THINGS: -Every time I cam there's always a good handful of guys that say "ur from detroit and you never fucked any black cock bb??" "ooo bb i bet youve had a...
  12. TaylorDaisy

    HAPPY BDAY :D <3

    HAPPY BDAY :D <3
  13. TaylorDaisy

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    I definitely agree with Amber, guys LOVE it when they know I haven't came in X amount of days. I could very easily get myself off before getting on cam...but why would I waste all that pent up energy masturbating alone in my bed vs. getting online and having a fucking awesome show with an epic...
  14. TaylorDaisy

    Dawww thank you!

    Dawww thank you!
  15. TaylorDaisy

    Becoming involved with someone you met through camming

    My thoughts exactly. Please be safe!! As many other girls have touched on, a guy can play out this different life he portrays to you for months and months and months before his true colors finally show. I was very close to a member for over a year, thought I could trust this guy with my...
  16. TaylorDaisy

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Had a guy message me his full name and address last night. When I asked why he sent me that... "u said send u info for the vids" :rolleyes: Yes, I am going to mail you hard copies of my videos in DVD format.
  17. TaylorDaisy

    How long did it take before you were recognized?

    I was found out about a year and a half into camming, but it was my fault. I was going crazy keeping such a big part of my life a secret so I told a friend of mine when we were drinking one night. He was one of my best friends at the time and I thought I could trust him with anything. He acted...
  18. TaylorDaisy

    Body Insecurities

    very random but last night I was popping into some other girls rooms with my male roommate to show him what the site I use is like, and he was MESMERIZED by you haha. said you were his ideal girl :) and that is coming from the most particular man I have ever met in my life lol
  19. TaylorDaisy

    How long do you take to prepare before broadcasting?

    It takes me 15-20 to put on my super heavy cam makeup, then about 3 minutes to slap on my wig, then about 5 to set up my cam area. Then I spend between 1 hr - 2 hrs sitting infront of my laptop completely ready contemplating if getting on is even worth it and if I'll even make any money. 50%...