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    The psychology behind a 500,000 token tip

    I know on cb we receive a little less then 50% Members pay 11 cents per token and we receive 5 cents per token.
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    A Public Chaturbate Thread

    My issue is that hubby and I do not know HTML well enough to make a really good looking bio page and I'm a bit of a perfectionist.[/quote Your going to want an account that's how I do all my profile stuff when you upload it gives you a HTML for it copy and paste....
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    What was the first Adult Magazine you bought, and why?

    I am a millenial internet was around when I started diddleing. But i have to say has always been my fav for porn!
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    A Public Chaturbate Thread

    What is your favorite app? Why? I usually start with token keno its a great starting point and will get people tipping, especially when group tips are enabled. I use some of the voting apps sometimes as well because it helps them to feel like they have a say in what happens. I try to keep...