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  1. bawksy

    Ferguson shooting grand jury verdict

    So I've been watching the announcement live (spoiler alert: the jury chose not to indict officer Wilson), and it's interesting observing how people behave. The county prosecutor is, for the first time, going over in detail all of the evidence that was presented to the grand jury. It's quite...
  2. bawksy

    People being assholes

    I'll start
  3. bawksy

    Hitachi Magic Wand on sale - $43 (ends March 20th)
  4. bawksy

    Attractive pubic hair

    I just searched for quite a while, and couldn't find an existing pubic hair thread in the "Sexy Stuff" forum. So here we are. Post girls whose beavers look good with some hair on them. Please no disgusting dwarf beard cooters. I'll start. It's Not...
  5. bawksy

    Valentine's day 2014

    Post all things related to this nonsensical holiday.
  6. bawksy

    A Serbian Film

    So, I finally just watched this. The uncut version. Oh. My. God. Just when you think a more fucked up thing couldn't possibly happen, it does happen. Over and over and over. I am going to need counseling for the rest of my life. Edit: Did anyone actually enjoy this movie?
  7. bawksy

    Quick, you have 10 seconds to be as American as possible

    Post a picture or say something that proves how American you are.
  8. bawksy

    FFXIII-3: What if Cloud Strife was a girl?

    Presenting Claire "Lightning" Farron as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7. The outfit is a pre-order bonus for Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns (aka 13-3). Anybody have plans to buy it?
  9. bawksy

    Elevators - men versus women

    (I saw this shit on 4chan earlier and I thought it was pretty funny.) I work building security for a highrise that has 21 elevators. 1 elevator breaks down weekly on average. in my 7 years there here is my conclusion Men >when elevator appears "stuck" >presses door open button >door opens...
  10. bawksy

    KATEELIFE - Sexiest dance ever

    Great beat too. The chick in the video is:
  11. bawksy

    US Border Checkpoints - 100 miles from the border

    Has any of you guys ever been stopped by U.S. Customs while you weren't actually crossing the border into or out of the USA? I didn't think this shit was legal (fourth amendment protection against unreasonable searches and all), and I'd never seen it before, until I was on a trip to Arizona...
  12. bawksy

    Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics - FREE Only 45 hours left! More details about why they're doing this here:
  13. bawksy

    TW - Ohio University student regrets sex after pic/vids leak

    There's a story going around the news about how some girl cried rape to the police after videos and pictures of her getting finger blasted and eaten out appeared online. That news video blurred it out, but here's a close-up picture of the rape taking place: . . . . . . . . . . . Beware...
  14. bawksy

    TW - Anti-feminist humor

    This is not a misogynist thread. No woman-bashing here. This is just a thread making fun of those women (and men) who have swung the pendulum of patriarchy too far in the other direction and now deserve to be made fun of for their extremism. I'll start.
  15. bawksy

    Chrome 29 - Aw, Snap!

    So, yesterday afternoon, Chrome was nice enough to automatically update itself to version 29. Chrome then proceeded to display the 'Aw, Snap!' error message for every single possible page, including internal settings pages, and any website. It was completely unusable. I was pretty pissed off...
  16. bawksy

    Bad Grandpa

    Oh. My. God.
  17. bawksy

    Duck Tales

    oh god oh god oh god I can't wait also on Wii U eShop
  18. bawksy

    New MTV show about virgins

    They should put an advertisement for the casting call for this show on MFC. I'm curious as to how the producers are going to verify virginity, especially with males. Maybe by visual inspection of the fedora and/or neckbeard?
  19. bawksy

    Distasteful George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin joke thread

    The verdict is in, but there's still a lot of emotions running high on both sides. While we can all agree that any loss of life is a tragedy, let's also agree that no tragedy is beyond satire. Let's vent some steam with distasteful yet funny pictures. Racist, insensitive, anti-Trayvon...
  20. bawksy

    Oh Kairi...

    You wield that keyblade so well.