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  1. KingMarti

    ShineModel is a service for managing chats and broadcasts of several sites in one window.

    So I get the following issue on Stripchat The bitrate it's saying I am using is way out it's actually 5000, it reports correctly on Chaturbate. I have checked the bframes / zero latancey settings and they are correct in my obs too. The issue it causes is at the default 1080p the cam freezes...
  2. KingMarti

    Price for a Custom Head-Shaving Video?

    Even as a guy, a head shaving clip would'nt even be considered for less than a few 1000, it's not just the custom you have to take into account but also the loss of earnings until it grows back if thats what your regular members are used to. Defiantly upfront payment, dont try and be cheap and...
  3. KingMarti

    🍒fresh project bringing new wind to the webcam industry

    I see on the site there is a tab for female and trans, are you guys planning to add male and couple categories too?
  4. KingMarti

    ShineModel is a service for managing chats and broadcasts of several sites in one window.

    I was thinking (I'm assuming I can use web hooks to grab the actual chat, I'm assuming that's how shine pulls it all into one chat) and then just making a simple html page to display just that. and then just load that page on the mobile device. could be I'm missing something that would make it...
  5. KingMarti

    ShineModel is a service for managing chats and broadcasts of several sites in one window.

    looking at getting a more mobile setup which was why I was asking. is there a way to pull just the chat out of the browser? I'm assuming it could be done, that way I could just build a page that has just the chat for when I am moving about while having the stream running from my desktop...
  6. KingMarti

    ShineModel is a service for managing chats and broadcasts of several sites in one window.

    Anyone know if there is an Android version of the browser? 🤔 or Linux or Mac?
  7. KingMarti

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    just finished the last of the new Lucifer episodes. been watching swat, seal team and the rookie too and final space , re watched all of friends too 🙈 and now re-watching castle.... safe to say the last month or so has been pretty unproductive for me 🤣
  8. KingMarti

    Banned for something I have never heard of. Help!

    looks like the VPN you use has also been getting used for sending bot traffic to models rooms, so the issue isnt necessarily with your account but with the IP address you used to log into the account which is what got the account banned.
  9. KingMarti

    $35.35 for a 20 minute private? ($5.74/min)

    Ahh I stand corrected, I thought it was everywhere outside of the USA getting 30%.
  10. KingMarti

    $35.35 for a 20 minute private? ($5.74/min)

    you only get 35% in the USA, rest of the world you only make 30%. never understood why they decided that.
  11. KingMarti

    Chaturbate Bitcoin

    If they are saying the payment has been sent, push them to send you the transaction ID. That way you can check with the partial address you have (the one you told them to send the payment too) if the payment was sent.
  12. KingMarti

    Chaturbate Bitcoin

    Delays are normally hours not days on the bitcoin network. If it say's there's no used addresses then the address when you click receive shouldnt have changed. I would double check the part of the address you have against the other avalibule addresses like bitcoin cash, or the bitcoin exchange...
  13. KingMarti

    Chaturbate Bitcoin

    When you say the wallet address changed I am assuming that we are talking about the address it gives when you click receive, right? and not the wallet ID that you use to login. If that's right you can access the previously generated addresses following this guide from their FAQ: Once you have...
  14. KingMarti

    Chaturbate Bitcoin

    If you go into the cb payment settings it might show you the address there. IMO cb should really put the transaction ID into the email when they say you have been paid via bitcoin. Which wallet are you using? some wallets will keep a record of the addresses they have generated so you might be...
  15. KingMarti

    Chaturbate Bitcoin

    yep like @Nigerian Prince said, most wallets now will give you a new address every time you pull it up but they all resolve back to your wallet. You might be able to find the address you gave them in your payment settings, been a while since I changed those settings so not 100%. but either the...
  16. KingMarti - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    It's true that models can use a 3rd party service to issue a dmca, but that's not what you recommended. The advice you have in your original post was dangerous for anyone taking it at face value. Again, models should contact the site where they work to have content taken down. There is no need...
  17. KingMarti - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    Dont advise the model to do this, it's dangerous advice which more often than not results in models being doxed and blackmailed. Have her contact the site for them to issue the DMCA, and the site in question does not respond to DMCA requests so on top of being dangerous it would also be a waste...
  18. KingMarti

    Chaturbate Bitcoin

    Put the wallet address where you asked for the payment to be sent into a block explorer and it will tell you if there are any transactions still waiting for conformations on the block chain. If the transactions not showing on the blockchain then it hasnt been sent or was sent to a different...
  19. KingMarti

    New to Chaturbate

    Broadcasting at HD is a lot cheaper than you would think. Chances are you all ready have everything you need to do it. Any recent phone with a decent camera can output a hd video which can be picked up in obs with something like IPWebcam or Iriun. If your pc isnt strong enough to encode hd...
  20. KingMarti

    Onlyfans: Cheapest option for withdraw earnings

    The issue with doing an international bank transfer is you dont know what rate the conversion is taking place at, which would be the same issue was doing a bank transfer from a paxum account to your local bank account. The cheapest way I have found using paxum / cosmo is to load the pre-paid...