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  1. troubleMeika

    What is going on with First Choice?

    Hi Dan. I cant explain how devastated i feel. I truly didnt expect it. I am just a bit confused bcause i read a few articles in which they said that ppl from FirstChoicePay had said that it was gonna be temporary. That they petended to get things back to normal soon. I just wanted to know, is...
  2. troubleMeika


  3. troubleMeika

    What to do when no one talks to you

    Wow all this great comments :) I agree with taking the time to create sexual tension. Regarding the boring times and what to do when the room is quite and not being interactive... I would say.. relax. I know it is hard. You have a billion things running in your head. Wondering why is it so hard...
  4. troubleMeika

    Why do you all use ohmibod/lovense?

    i hate the 1 tkn yellow wall too. As i dont like people that i dont know feeling they rock in my room and they deserve controlling me for 1 token. If you cant tip, that's fine.. Just say hello :) But for that reason i have set up my toy to start working with 5tokens.. and i feel more...
  5. troubleMeika

    How to avoid an ghost room?

    In my humild opinion (and i think everyone has a valid point about this subject, bcause all experiences have been different) is that: First, it is a matter of patience. And second, it depends on several factors (which include your mood, your attitude, the traffic on the site that they, the...
  6. troubleMeika

    Lush or Nora?

    Hey! I apologize upfront if there is a thread like this out there.. I search it for at least 2 hours and couldnt find anything that answered my questions, neither directly nor indirectly.. So here we go... I am really considerating an interactive toy. I think those are fun and something I can...
  7. troubleMeika

    Im i too nice?

    Btw... Thank you all for answering. Your opinion is so helpful. I just wanted to let you know, this past two days i had a better time on cam. I dont know what is it.. maybe im just more relaxed.. but for whatever reason it is i have only...
  8. troubleMeika

    Im i too nice?

    That is actually GREAT to know! SInce day 1 i tried checking Colombian or South AMerican models and even tho i saw a couple doing good they were always pounding their pussies with huge dildos or being really explicit in any other way (which is actually not my style). And the other two i saw...
  9. troubleMeika

    Im i too nice?

    Thanks! You seem like a great person too. I have to thank you for being honest. I actually think u r right!!
  10. troubleMeika

    Im i too nice?

    Hey! So, i've been in MFC for sort of 4 months now. Lately i've been very consistent in my schedules, have a good cam (logitech c920), lighting, i donthave thebest room but ive done mybest for it to look nice, im talkative, i tease ... all the basics i've made sure i have all those covered...
  11. troubleMeika

    Being a Suicide Girl pays off??

    WOW All the info you have provided has been incredibly usefull. I thought i was alone and the only person in the world thining so bad about SG, but u have real life experiences and arguments and that's awesome.I had never heard about GG or any of the other sites, but im super intrigued and im...
  12. troubleMeika

    Being a Suicide Girl pays off??

    Heeey :) I've been thinkin of becoming a SG (this sezy tattoed and hair colored models) for some weeks already, i already sent the application and they answered me. So now i have to fill up all the legal requirements and documents. But of course if they are asking me to send naked pictures...
  13. troubleMeika

    And after a while.. here we are again :) Finally gor some time to keep loving and enjoying...

    And after a while.. here we are again :) Finally gor some time to keep loving and enjoying AmberCutie's Forum <3 <3 <3
  14. troubleMeika

    Private shows

  15. troubleMeika

    Question about regular tippers

    I also think that it depends on what your shows are like. Or how you feel more comfortable. For me it has been really good to take it some personal with the guys. Things like talking about my dogs (not their real names tho) or hw my day was or whatever makes it more enjoyable and intimate. Guys...
  16. troubleMeika

    How to get more tips?

    I am also kind of a newbie at camming on MFC but even im not doing great there yet, i have to say i love it. It has bring me incredible surprises when i expected them the less. Guys can be a pain in the ass but i've also met some of them who support me almost no matter what. But i know it can be...
  17. troubleMeika

    I looooove MFC, but....

    Thank you so much Lina!. Well.. indeed. I changed my cam like 5 days ago. I havent been able to log in as much as i have wanted my my few regs have said it ooks way much better. I have to say a couple more things: 1. One of the things that have helped me the most during the last weeks have been...
  18. troubleMeika

    I looooove MFC, but....

    "they" are a couple guys i know. Aint they right? :/ I think im gonna get a good cam and see what happens. Anyways i'll need it at some point. I dont know what you were talking about when saying that if its only for cammin it will be tax deductible. :) Thank you very much Rosie!
  19. troubleMeika

    I looooove MFC, but....

    I'm using my laptop cam. I know it sucks :( .. im trying to balance things by using some great lighting.. And actually the main reason ahy i havent cahnge my cam is bcause they have tell me that if i get the best cam but still dont get a great internet speed my cam will freeze and it wont show...
  20. troubleMeika

    Times to AVOID camming?

    Im kinda new too, but I think for what i've seen and read yo have to think on your audience, your regulars and be attentive of the amount of models there are online. So, what i mean when i talk about adience is, if u have a niche or some specific characteristics (i think we all do) think abot...