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  1. whiskeybaby17

    Looking for new music, give me your favorite songs right now?

    Just found Caravan palace and I absolutely adore them!!! They're perfect and do electro swing!
  2. whiskeybaby17

    Sims 4/5

    LOL I play daily too. I wish it was social so we could hang out at each others houses. Though I feel like others would judge me horribly
  3. whiskeybaby17

    MyFreeCams Profile Help!

    zomg thankyou
  4. whiskeybaby17

    Sims 4/5

    Hey , is anyone else an avid simmer? I've been playing since 1999 lol. I'm not keen on the sims 4 ..but i'm hoping for a sims 5 next year?? anyone?
  5. whiskeybaby17

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Want dogfuck? I try not to think too hard about that....
  6. whiskeybaby17 - Update! And still looking for new models!

    Ignores model questions and posts ads wanting new models.... seems like my kinda site
  7. whiskeybaby17

    MyFreeCams Profile Help!

    I hired "wandybear" and paid like 100 schmeckles for my legit ass profile. They were amazing to work with and super thorough!
  8. whiskeybaby17

    The Walking Dead / Fear the Walking Dead

    Seriously Dan... come hang out in my room sometime. you crack me up
  9. whiskeybaby17

    Annoying things that happen when you're trying to work?

    Feel you on the puppers woes.
  10. whiskeybaby17

    Annoying things that happen when you're trying to work?

    My bitch ass weenie dog , Frookie, needing to fucking pee EVERY time someone starts to tip. Or my tiny hooman wakes from his dead sleep to sign me the songs of his people :bag::bag::bag: nothing like the sound of a toddler screaming "Mum I pooooooped!" to get members feeling good. Equally, my...
  11. whiskeybaby17

    The Walking Dead / Fear the Walking Dead

    I fraking love TWD ! Super die hard fan girl lol... I got to meet Negan once at london MCM and I swear to Gah... *sploosh*
  12. whiskeybaby17

    Whatcha been playing?

    Uhm... the sims for life , yo.
  13. whiskeybaby17

    Daily Thoughts

    Do woodchucks actually chuck wood?
  14. whiskeybaby17

    Your first stolen content experience?

    Honestly all the nudes I've sent, all the fetish work I've done and all the slutty snapchats I posted before even camming, ...I'm surprised there isn't more out there about me. I just want it to bring more fans tbh lil ***...i'm an attention whore***
  15. whiskeybaby17

    Who is this camgirl? Can you Identify this girl? Threads...

    This is why I carry :think:
  16. whiskeybaby17

    A major update to ACF: Models Only and Chat rooms!

    No no , just playing :) ... I'm not eligible to apply for verification yet, but one day I will .. and I'm going to post the most ridiculous selfie , cus I'm nerdy like that ;)
  17. whiskeybaby17

    Whats your favorite romance film?

    But really , the Phantom of the opera. Obsessed ex ghost bf ✔ Fancy 1800 France costuming ✔ More high notes then a gangbang porn ✔
  18. whiskeybaby17

    Have you ever snuck candy into a movie theater?

    Anyone else sneaking in candy , get way too covert with it? One time I like made a drug style pouch in my handbag just so i could save like 2 bucks on fucking swedish fish. Showed them. :(
  19. whiskeybaby17

    Have you ever snuck candy into a movie theater?

    You're my kinda guy.