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  1. Danigirl

    End of WFH and Back to Work Affecting Earnings?

    I've been busier and hourly average is 30% higher so far this year vs last. OF is down because I suck at remembering to take and edit content
  2. Danigirl

    There are so few models in CB who speak Chinese

    I think you're mistaking models hating dudes who are dicks vs dudes who have dicks. Maybe that will enlighten you. And the other thread was about the Philippines. Much of Asia and Middle East bans camming. Not sure why you had to throw in the racist shit in there about assumptions with all...
  3. Danigirl

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Oh yeah, I would have said sarcastically "you get a thank you like everyone else who tips and doesn't use the tip menu." I'm not an unthankful asshole but 1) it's a freaking quarter. More like 15 cents after taxes. 2) I'm not pissing off a big tipper and interrupting his fun AND my vibe...
  4. Danigirl

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Dude asks what he can get for his 5 tokens like it's a big deal and got butthurt I didn't answer right away, kept repeating the question even though I was in the middle of a 10k tip. Dude got banned. I'm not ignoring or breaking from a huge tip to answer a ridiculous hypothetical question.
  5. Danigirl

    Help with ban

    And your solution is to yell at a support account for an account that's not yours and not OPs? I'd be pissed if a member posted something about my account and support gave them actual info on my model account. It's no one's business literally other than the model. Yes, Chaturbate sucks at...
  6. Danigirl

    Gifting Service

    I find that even worse. Why would you involve more people... Just have the dude tip for or buy Amazon gift cards for whatever wishlist item. Then it's easy peasy no one gets any info other than the model's biz email.
  7. Danigirl

    Gifting Service

    We are (or I am) confused how models would get the gifts without giving an address
  8. Danigirl

    Gifting Service

    So buying from someone who signed up for multiple MLMs. That's a hard no. Most mlm catalogs are pretty vanilla for cam work anyway or you can find similar/much cheaper options elsewhere since they don't have to pay out 50 levels of recruiters.
  9. Danigirl

    Gifting Service

    Is anyone confused as to what on earth this is or why we would even need this? Models have enough issues trusting actual known companies especially when it's linked with stage name and actual name and address. Unless they're buying from OP directly, how on earth would that make it profitable...
  10. Danigirl


    I've had my stalker come into my room on 3 different accounts and harass me and say the rudest shit every 30 days. This is absolutely ridiculous that you're the only site I know of that doesn't have a permaban option. It's pretty stupid to care about loser members who harass models than the...
  11. Danigirl

    Mature Model Thread

    I am friends with a male model who is 52 and he's jacked and super sexy. I'd much rather go for older and confident than young and dumb which is what a ton of younger members are. Dumb and freeloading.
  12. Danigirl

    Mature Model Thread

    Someone worked in the restaurant biz lol.
  13. Danigirl

    Toe in or balls out? (Questions about ramping up to start camming.)

    Pick a good name and just get on. That's the hardest part- actually clicking stream for the first time. Everything else can be figured out later and it takes adjusting as you go. Not everyone is cut out for camming and you want to make sure you enjoy it and what you love doing on cam before you...
  14. Danigirl

    Random thoughts on camgirls, stripchat, and being a noob.

    I thought it was a gun too. Either way it's sheer stupidity. Dumbass to lose a powerful gun, or the other way he's saying he has a screw loose and lost the ability to fix it.
  15. Danigirl

    Random thoughts on camgirls, stripchat, and being a noob.

    You come to a forum full of cam models and then proceed to completely stereotype models from different countries and call those you don't particularly care for as trash. Way to start out.
  16. Danigirl , a cam site geared towards making the lives of poeple who work in this industry better

    Seriously, how are you going to fund any type of marketing, overhead, freaking healthy care, salaries for support staff etc on 10% it the models get 90%. I saw that flow chart, saw the site and it's frankly confusing. I have degrees in business and finance so yeah I've seen some flow charts...
  17. Danigirl , a cam site geared towards making the lives of poeple who work in this industry better

    And how do you plan to fund traffic? Is it $15 on top of 90% tip payout? 90% sounds great but quite frankly, if there's no traffic then it's 90% of nothing. $15/hr is a MASSIVE cut for mid to successful models and there's no way any model would be ok signing exclusively. It's just too...
  18. Danigirl

    Is it wise to continue?

    What would make you feel worse? If you stopped sending money and she lost her place or if you kept sending and it funded drugs? Once money is sent you no longer control what's done with it nor are you responsible for funding her housing or for what choices she makes. If it bothers you that you...
  19. Danigirl

    Will i ever need to provide my ssn for chaturbate?

    Cool. Let's be a dick to those who have experience and those that may have info you want and aren't charging for it. Of course it's a forum, but you didn't give all the info needed to give an accurate response. You left out info that would have helped us answer your question. Onus is on you...
  20. Danigirl

    Who are the biggest earners on Chaturbate?

    Seriously, the friend needs to be the one researching if she should be a model not you. That's not helpful at all in the long run. If she's capable of camming, she's capable of research. Doesn't the Philippines have laws against certain camming acts anyway?? Just because you're searching...