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    charles bot animated banner help.

    im sorry i know this has been asked time and time again but after reading over the feeds and trying everything i just cant get it to work :( so how do i put banners moving or non moving on my charles bot is their any banners to show you step by step ? i have been trying for weeks now im not...
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    My free cams share question.

    So I have added a few videos to my my free cams share. Few few and a few you need to pay for but when I click on the paid ones it shows a lot of people have viewed it but not paid (the eye ball) 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Have a set it wrong ? Are people viewing it for free or is this just the people clicking...
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    I think I almost got scammed ?

    Hello hope you are all well :h: so this guy came into my room on mfc yesterday and kept sending me mfc mail I said he needs to add me as a friend if he wants to chat. (75 tokens for friend add) he wouldn’t listen so when I came off and with the mutable messages one was how can I contact you...
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    Should their be a time limit ?

    Hello :) So I woke up this morning to a message from a guy who hasn’t spoken to me in months ! Around 4 months. Last time we talked he booked a ten minute snap call. He was finished after 5 mins and he had to go I said you can do the rest of the time in a few weeks if you like. Then I have had...
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    Constant trolls

    Hello my first post in here so I hope it’s ok to post this, I’m at my end :( I stupidly set my onlyfans for free thinking it would help promote me. And I had nothing but abuse from members saying my bundle of 9 videos at $15 was a joke although it would have cost them $150 when not in the...