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  1. Tracerhead

    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    Twitch subscriptions are $5 a month and the amount the creator gets depends on a case by case basis. Generally speaking 50% is about the norm. In addition to that there are "Bits" which are similar to Chaturbate tokens in that you buy them from Twitch to give to creators and Twitch has a mark up...
  2. Tracerhead

    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    Well, there are Twitch donations in the form of bits. However, they take a cut of the money you spend on the bits in the same way that Chaturbate takes a cut when you buy tokens.
  3. Tracerhead

    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    I would be very interested to see how the Eastern European cam studio system is being affected by the growing number of Western models who are entering the cam model industry. Though I'm sure that information is nearly impossible to gather because of the very nature of the cam studio system. I'd...
  4. Tracerhead

    Elections are coming up

    We could have an entirely different discussion about people's lack of understanding, or complete misunderstanding of history in general. Every time the Republicans claim to be the party of Lincoln my eye starts to twitch. The struggles of being a history major.
  5. Tracerhead

    Elections are coming up

    Well, being uninformed really comes down to just not having a desire to be otherwise. In this especially charged political environment just going on the internet or watching the news is going to give you some level of information. I believe that you should go deeper and actually read...
  6. Tracerhead

    Elections are coming up

    I won't get involved in the political discussion and just say that everyone should vote regardless of your political viewpoint. We only get a truly representative government when everyone chooses who represents them. Apathy is the worst possible thing to have in a Democracy.
  7. Tracerhead

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    Do Youtube series count? If so I've been catching up on Brandon's Cult Movie Reviews on Brandon Tenold's Youtube channel. If you enjoy reviews of cheesy to terrible B-movies by a dryly sarcastic Canadian I highly recommend it.
  8. Tracerhead

    Looking for private video (1-3 mins) - simple request - $50

    This is why we need proper sex education in this country. If people are learning about sex and sexual biology from the internet, adult films, and anime then they are going to end up with some fucked up ideas of how things work. I'm now genuinely interested in knowing if this guy know how female...
  9. Tracerhead

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    I've been on a serious Rammstein kick recently. It might have something to do with all of the German and Eastern European research I've been doing recently.
  10. Tracerhead

    Looking for private video (1-3 mins) - simple request - $50

    Yeah, this seems like a case of someone who has never dealt with a cam model before and is just assuming what their time and work is worth. The amount he is offering shows that he either things little of their time and effort, or he thinks they are far more desperate than they are.
  11. Tracerhead

    Looking for private video (1-3 mins) - simple request - $50

    I just thought I would chime in that this is now my favorite thread both for the quality of information and amusement it brings. Even as a viewer I know that models can make nearly as much money as OP is offering from a private show that requires no extensive prep and direction. Why on Earth...
  12. Tracerhead

    dress code? costumes?

    I would say there is a difference between dressing as sexy Pocahontas and going full Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo. How dressing up like that relates to Chaturbates rules I don't know.
  13. Tracerhead

    dress code? costumes?

    Interesting. If Minnie Mouse isn't allowed then I know of a couple of models who might be in trouble for their shows today. I'll keep this in mind when I'm cruising the website this month.
  14. Tracerhead

    Livejasmin blacklisting members

    I too find this post to be very "I'm trying to get around my being blacklisted" in its wording.
  15. Tracerhead

    CB Hashtags Sorted by Viewer Count or Room Count?

    As a viewer I search pretty regularly by hashtags when my regular models arn't online and I'm looking for something to watch. Unfortunately, many models just use whatever they think is popular, so often it doesn't accurately describe their stream. It's always amusing to see someone listed as...
  16. Tracerhead - Update! And still looking for new models!

    I'm not a model, just a viewer who has an interest in learning more about the internal workings of the industry, especially that of Eastern Europe. I have to say that this thread has been a roller coaster of emotions. I've laughed. I've cried. I've been driven to the point of rage. All over the...
  17. Tracerhead

    [Lovense] Lost men seeking domme

    There have been multiple studies which have shown that if you make certain entertainment media affordable and easy to access then many people who pirate will be happy to use them. Of course there will always be those hardcore people who just don't want to pay for anything and would rather go...
  18. Tracerhead

    cb problem?

    I saw on their status page last night that they were migrating cores or something like in an effort to address the various issues they had been having the past few days. So, it seems they are aware that things arn't working correctly.
  19. Tracerhead

    Lethal Weapon

    Some of the best acting relationships are built on mutual aversion to one another. Something about the emotion must help to intensify the acting. I never watched the show but I heard surprisingly good things about it. Learning that Wayans is a douche doesn't really surprise me. I don't think...
  20. Tracerhead

    Media request: Will any cammers from New Zealand talk to me about their experiences?

    I think the perspective on sex work in general is from a preconceived view that people would only do it if you had no other choice. They're projecting regular societal norms (that selling yourself for physical pleasure is dirty and shameful) and trying to find an explanation for why otherwise...