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  1. yummybrownfox

    Daily Thoughts

    Lol. My reaction over one death in particular in the movie 'Halloween Kills'.
  2. yummybrownfox

    Lighting - tips, tricks, links, etc.

    I know you posted this three months ago, and may not ever see this. But when I'm doing my daytime/afternoon cam times on Stripchat...if there's natural sunlight coming in through that window, and it's looking great on me, I absolutely will use that instead of my painfully bright Inkeltech...
  3. yummybrownfox

    Mail Check Payment issue

    Maybe you just didn't see my post yesterday, but I had responded to you on your other thread about the check concern (You have three different threads).
  4. yummybrownfox

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    Thank you! :)
  5. yummybrownfox

    Daily Thoughts

    I used to love House M.D.! 😂😂😂
  6. yummybrownfox

    🍒fresh project bringing new wind to the webcam industry

    Camming is illegal in the Philippines. :( Please be careful.
  7. yummybrownfox

    Cheques via mail and fraud?!

    I would certainly hope that the bank teller (or person at the check-cashing place) would do their job, and ask the person to show photo ID before allowing them to cash the check. However I had an unfortunate experience with this years ago, where my ex got away with stealing and cashing my check...
  8. yummybrownfox

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    My little sister treated me, my niece, and my nephew to 'Halloween Kills' (Michael Myers) at the movie theater today. :) OMG, that movie was so damn good! My nephew kept covering his face. LOL. If you have Peacock (For those who didn't know, if you're a Comcast Xfinity subscriber, Peacock is...
  9. yummybrownfox

    Time wasters , Scammers and cheap men

    Probably because most of the people she gets in her room are men. I say "dudes" and "men" a lot on here, because most of the people I interact with in chatrooms are guys. It's really not that serious. Again, what she's venting about is normal. I post on two different camgirl forums, and...
  10. yummybrownfox

    Time wasters , Scammers and cheap men

    Simmer down. Lol. She didn't say that "All men suck." She's just venting about something that happens to lots of other cam models too. And no, she does not need to make a new account and start over. She should read other threads on here, and get herself verified as a model so that she can join...
  11. yummybrownfox

    Depraved sexual gratification

    When that weird Chojin guy started this thread several months ago, I thought Here we go... because I felt like eventually some creep would come on here and take it too far.
  12. yummybrownfox

    Help with Tip Menu

    Hi. I definitely think these amounts are way too cheap for ANY cam models (Amateur or not) to be charging. Only 16 tokens? That's only 80 cents in your pocket. Do you really want to be changing panties (and using up laundry) that many times for so little? And 44 tokens (That's only $2.20 in your...
  13. yummybrownfox

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    Thank you. But I don't think it's something that models can do for other models. Just members only. Model accounts are usually not allowed in other models' rooms (on most cam sites), so this makes sense to me.
  14. yummybrownfox

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    I figure sometime in November I should have the 1,000 hearts (favorited by other members) required for me to start a club.
  15. yummybrownfox

    I'm online on MyFreeCams!

    I'm online on MyFreeCams!
  16. yummybrownfox

    Can a model refuse tips?

    If a model has the member banned AND ignored, but he's really determined to troll/harass her via tip note, she would still the harassing tip note message(s) in her Token Stats page? Or no? I thought putting them on ban and ignore meant you'd never again have to see any kind of message from them...
  17. yummybrownfox

    Can a model refuse tips?

    On which site? Years ago on MyFreeCams a member I had banned from my room was still able to send me tips of 1 token (They showed up in my MFC Mail 'offline tips'). This was back in the day when there was a ridiculous rumor that 1-token tips hurt your camscore. Lol. So I guess he thought he was...
  18. yummybrownfox

    Very Disappointed in Streamate...

    I do think it's pretty crazy for a member (on any cam site, for that matter) to be able to have 'ADMINISTRATOR' in their screen name. If members had to get their screen names (or name changes) approved - the way us models have to get our photos approved on some sites - this wouldn't even be an...
  19. yummybrownfox

    Very Disappointed in Streamate...

    There was a guy on Stripchat with the name LIVE_ADMINISTRATOR (or something like that) who tried to scam me, but I knew it was b.s. So I took a screenshot and banned him (Even though bans on Stripchat only last for 30 days). I think he's permamently banned from the site now. In the future, when...