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  1. Rebecca Buck

    Rats Rule

    Having worked in pet retail, I have learned... Rats are the best pocket pet on earth. Case in point my latest munchkin, French Fry. Got her at 3 weeks old, she's now about 6 weeks. Cutest little bugger on the face of the planet. Anyone else have rats they wanna gush about? Questions about...
  2. Rebecca Buck

    A Public Chaturbate Thread

    Hey all. There's a thread in the Model's Only section regarding Chaturbate. However, I know it's not a site limited to female models. So I was gonna see if the greater wide world of ACF would like to offer insight and opinions as to this particular camsite. Now I've not been camming long. I...
  3. Rebecca Buck

    What's the Strangest Thing That's Ever Happened to You?

    I am endlessly fascinated by experiences. Especially those with a high degree of synchronicity or high strangeness. Drug trips fascinate me as well, since I love to try and understand the similarities and differences. So, what's one thing that happened to you that was kinda wierd? I'll start...
  4. Rebecca Buck

    Camgirls Who've Made a Good Impression On You

    Hi all! I rarely visit outside of the models only forum. Mostly this is because there's been a lot of negativity surrounding camgirls outside our little safe haven– someone's being ripped off, or this romanian model is a scammer, or this or that or blah blah blah. I get that guys want a place...
  5. Rebecca Buck

    Do You Greet Everyone Who Comes In?

    Topic pretty much says it all. Ladies: Do you greet everyone who comes into your room/free chat? Do people tend to stick around if they're greeted? Or do you let them say hi to you? I myself tend not to say anything because I fear I might 'scare' them away or something. But lately on SM and...
  6. Rebecca Buck

    Jehovah's Witnesses Ft. 50 Cent

    Jehovah's Witnesses want deaf people to stop masturbating. I'm tickled at how well this works up. The faces of the guy with the red tie are just too much.
  7. Rebecca Buck

    The 4/20 Thread: Weed, Counterculture, Politics and Ethics!

    Hello everyone! Here's a discussion for you all! I think there's a lot of good discussion to be seriously had on this day. If everyone's going to be celebrating a drug that is illegal in pretty much every state but three here in the US, I think it's important to take a moment to understand...