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  1. BritneySiren

    Cold feet?

    Started as soon as I was approved (within a few days) I looked around and just figured the only way I’d know if it were a fit would be to do it.
  2. BritneySiren

    Streaming with my sound off..

    I think whatever makes you the most comfortable will help you long term. I say try it out for a few days and see how you like it. I used to have roommates and would have to be “quieter “ and some kinda like that... as if you’re doing something super naughty that no one knows about and such.
  3. BritneySiren

    Being single on Valentine's day

    I’ve only celebrated v day a handful of times. Most of the guys I’ve dated didn’t care to celebrate it which looking back speaks volumes to how they felt about me which is not much... I think if you don’t want to be around couples a sit down dinner place might not be the best choice unless...
  4. BritneySiren

    Growing pains

    I’ve made this mistake before. I just assumed that because I feel a certain way about relationships that if there’s ever issue a person will say something but maybe this is something I’ve put off thinking about much because I always had some other issue or thing to focus on. I’ve never had the...
  5. BritneySiren

    What are you reading right now?

    I’m currently reading the four agreements which I’m not sure if it’s being super helpful by shedding light on some basic principles I’ve already thought of but haven’t put effort into or I’m just upset about things that I’m putting thought into because of the book but eh maybe it’s both
  6. BritneySiren

    I broke my

    I have a lush but I could never get it to work properly with streamate so it just kinda sits there not being used. I’m hoping at some point I can get it to work but if not my hitachi is just fine and makes me happy anyway ❤️
  7. BritneySiren

    Cam models and scars; how do you deal with them?

    I have a scar on my forehead. I’ve had it since I was four from falling on my face (the gate fell over when I got to the top of it... one of those chain linked fences... I’ve been afraid of falling ever since and don’t climb anymore) make up seems to work with some concealer though I kinda think...
  8. BritneySiren

    How necessary is an external webcam to start out?

    I don’t think it’s needed but the better quality your cam is it’s probably for the best. I eventually got a remote control cam and it def makes things easier since I move around a fuck ton. As long as lighting is good and you’ve got a good mix you should be ok
  9. BritneySiren


  10. BritneySiren

    The Loneliness of Camming..

    I’ve met a few cam girls and some of my friends have been secret cam girls or inquired about things. I think it’s all a matter of perspective though. I think comparison or judging from the outside of a situation is the quickest way to discontent. I’m alone a lot and most of the ppl I know live...
  11. BritneySiren

    Dating a camgirl and I need some advice

    If jealousy is an issue for you and you're negativity impacting her work with dreams of future plans that may or may not happen I dunno. I had a very jealous ex who made me hate cam. I quit multiple times because of the stress of dealing with him and work really killed everything for me...
  12. BritneySiren

    It's been a long time

    I've been away for a bit. Trying to find my way back to the world of the living slowly. I had a very rough time starting around this time last year when I lost my grandmother (who raised me) to going through a very violent break up with an abusive ex. I missed out on a lot of work opportunities...
  13. BritneySiren

    Could be better

    Could be better
  14. BritneySiren

    I just got playstation VR

    which required me to get a cam and the like so I've done a couple of streams via youtube. I'm still unsure if twitch is better for streaming. I'm not trying to make it adult or anything like that. I was just wondering if twitch or youtube is better for live streaming video games and connecting...
  15. BritneySiren

    Cheap food?

    I'm not sure if you have a decent fridge but the less processed things tend to cost less. Fruits / veggies are generally under a buck per item, you can usually buy banana's and such by piece which is about 49 cents in most places (even organic one's are about that much in my area)
  16. BritneySiren

    Colin Kaepernick: I'm not anti-American

    I find him ridiculous. It seems like the ppl who benefit the most complain about things that are safe and trendy to complain about but any real crap they're silent. Then again I don't put a ton of stock in most celebrities so *shrugs*
  17. BritneySiren

    Best Andriod Phones?

    I used to have a samsung galaxy... it was ok for a while
  18. BritneySiren

    The scariest thing about caming is...

    you sit there with no one talking bored out of your mind making nothing. You dance around with ppl staring making no money, You're polite and entertaining and engaging and still you make nothing. That all the effort you put forth means nothing and you wont' be able to pay rent or you make...
  19. BritneySiren

    Is watching porn cheating?

    I guess it depends on the boundaries of that particular relationship for those people. Some people take it very personal and if it's something that will bother them then I think they should be honest about it and find someone who doesn't care for it too much. Personally I don't mind... never...
  20. BritneySiren

    Anyone else excited for

    This is my first time hearing about this... I'm glad that a cam girl is being so ambitious. I hope it succeeds! Very impressive doing the coding herself as well. I know I putt off having my own site for fears of coding (thankfully I found a way around that but still) *fingers crossed so tight...