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    HTML not loading properly on Chaturbate profile?

    I'm trying to add text to my chaturbate profile, but when I put in the code and save it, the whole actual code comes up in plain text. I'm using an HTML generator so I don't see how there could be errors, but if someone is willing to give it a look or has any other ideas about what may be the...
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    Camgirl sells patreon membership for $154,000 per month

    I saw a pic on twitter of a camgirl who is selling her patreon membership for $154,000 per month and has 2,383 patreons. Does anybody know if this is legit? Also, how easy do you think it would be to pull this off, because I'm assuming she's just realllllllllly lucky
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    How do you budget for camming expenses?

    Do you use a certain set percentage of your checks or what? :) So i.e. how much money do you set aside for panties, lingerie, bras, tech stuff, etc?
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    18tk a minute for a chaturbate pvt show?

    This is my first shift on CB and a guy offered this to me and it sounds like a LOWBALL- or is this normal on CB? How much SHOULD I be expecting for shows?
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    I'm saving BDSM for marriage, but...

    I decided (it was very hard for me to come to the conclusion, actually) that I want to experiment with and experience it on myself. I am still saving it for marriage, but I am now open to using gagballs and ties ON MYSELF, whilst masturbating, so long as I am by myself and no one is watching me...
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    When the toy you ordered ends up being bigger than expected

    It’s like ‘Ohhhhh shit, this is a monster!!!’ lol. I wanted something that would sustain me over a probable celibate period I’m kind of going through, and with my new decision to cam it was like feeding 2 birds with one crumb. That being said, I knew this baby would be big... but seeing it in...
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    I can’t believe after 21 years of never having them, I have to deal with it now- it’s such a shock haha. As common as they are, I thought it would be good to start a thread where we can all contribute our tips for dealing with them. It seems like the only thing that truly helps me is benedril...
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    Being single on Valentine's day

    This is actually not a V-day shitpost. I love love- and couples are beautiful! However, I [am] single and actually do not want a relationship for a while- I want to date myself and work on myself mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically [losing some weight I gained] first! That being...
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    Choosing a cam name

    I'm teeeerrible with choosing usernames, I was thinking of making mine tittie_fantasy and then saying I'm "CeCe" as a name, but I'm afraid of that "sounding weird" but maybe it's just me :) It doesn't sound weird, does it? hahaha
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    Is birdbox really worth the hype?

    I also saw on google that if you're a depressed person, not to watch it. This combined with my distrust of media in general makes me hesitant, but tbh I'm pretty tempted