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  1. newbbgurl

    What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

    Date Movie, Epic Movie, all of the "_______ movie"'s that came out of that studio! :vomit:
  2. newbbgurl

    Help I'm smol and new and don't know what I'm doing!!!

    Help I'm smol and new and don't know what I'm doing!!!
  3. newbbgurl

    Colin Kaepernick: I'm not anti-American

    It's funny I just had to write a paper on celebrity philanthropy and one of the biggest things people don't realize is that compared to most major philanthropists, celebrities don't make that much. Ofc they'te still making millions but those millions don't compare to the hundreds of millions nay...
  4. newbbgurl

    Post videos that you think are Amazing

    Mykki Blanco <3
  5. newbbgurl

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    2 noob-ish questions. 1) the no animals rule, obviously (or at least I hope so) I'm not trying to do sexy stuff with my cat but, am I SOL if the little bugger jumps in frame? 2) Age verification, does the name on my ID have to match the name I gave Streamate? as in do I have to give streamate...
  6. newbbgurl

    Political Orientation Test

    Most good statisticians will tell you that Clinton is absolutely going to win. Though her chances continue to fall slightly by the day. Many Libertarian's will tall you "IT'S THE BEST CHANCE JOHNSON'S EVER HAD"
  7. newbbgurl

    Political Orientation Test

    Put me as more Libertarian than I tend to be... You're on the left and libertarian spectrum of the political compass! You question authority and are deeply distrustful of hierarchy. You believe strongly in personal liberty and individual freedoms. You firmly believe in a self-governed and...
  8. newbbgurl

    Favorite Disney Movie?

    Does Big Hero 6 count? because grrl power? If not that, I've always loved Anastasia (technically not Disney, though it should count bc I only found out it wasn't well long after I was an adult XD)
  9. newbbgurl

    French House?

    Anyone really dig , Mr Oizo, SebastiAn or Siriusmo? or other french house friends I should know?
  10. newbbgurl


    Reviving a dead thread! Dig the cam/twitch combo hahaha I'm Lucio/D.Va main but I try to play any hero that works based on burst ammo XD
  11. newbbgurl

    New Questions: Price list, BBW, etc

    I'm commenting to follow, new to the whole scene (also a BBW) and would love to know <3
  12. newbbgurl

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey all, new to the whole scene. BB BBW looking for help getting started from some ladies with more experience.