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  1. Aspen Marie

    My First day (was freaking awesome!)

    Sorry but OMG I just finished my first shift on MFC and I absolutely love it. I am so happy that I decided to start doing this. I just had to get that out!! I didn't expect to talk to such cool people right away, I honestly expected to deal with a lot more jerk than I did. I guess that's because...
  2. Aspen Marie

    Significant other watching your videos/live feed?

    How do you ladies feel about your significant other watching your videos or live cam feed? I uploaded my first video yesterday. Hubbs got home before I did and watched it, I'm completely fine with him watching anything I put out but I guess I was a little nervous about him watching it. For the...
  3. Aspen Marie

    Video tips? ManyVids tips?

    I guess I'll start with a little background. I would LOVE to live cam but I have a two year old that doesn't sleep through the night yet and I would hate to have to stop a show to get him back down to sleep so my solution was to sell videos and other things through ManyVids. I've signed up and...