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  1. A Little Batty

    Do you think camgirls should always wear makeup?

    I have two different views on this subject. The first is that camgirls should do whatever makes them feel comfortable. If they want to wear makeup or not, that's up to them and their style. The second is that something can be said for camgirls who do always wear makeup. That are always going...
  2. A Little Batty

    Would you consider this discrimination?

    In Australia, when you aren't working you can apply for welfare benefits. You're put with a job network provider to help you look for work and things. If you are self employed, you have to let centrelink know. In most cases as long as you're receiving payments you have to be in connection with...
  3. A Little Batty

    MFC PayoneerGBT Please explain?

    I'm a little late to the show with everything that's going on. As many others have probably seen, MFC has this posted up: I under the basic jist of course, but I'm worried about it. I have a bank hooked up to my FCP account, so that funds from MFC could be directly paid into my bank account...
  4. A Little Batty

    I actually really like No Man's Sky

    I started playing again yesterday. I played for too long and gave myself a migraine XD But I started in a universe with the Gek's as the main race. FFFF I LOVE THE GEKS! I learned 30 Gek words, and met 25 Geks just on the very planet I spawned on. If it wasn't for the overwhelming heat on the...