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    Once only offer?

    200 tokens FREE! (a $20.99 USD value) when you upgrade your account. Unlock PM & remove ads for $19.95 USD monthly. Is the above only available once? Or, can you pay for it and cancel the subscription and then take it up again, getting the free tokens and the unblock PM feature?
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    So sad to see you here again

    Do you feel sad for models that just keep coming back with new accounts, when they are obviously not succeeding? Tonight I noticed the return of a 'model' I like, but who I do not feel is a camgirl type. I think she had started just a few weeks before I first saw her in October last year and...
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    The Report Abuse button

    When using this, does the model receive the message, or does chaturbate get it?
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    Model not signed in

    So a model is on several sites, but not signed in to CB, but broadcasting I read somewhere that any tips would not be received, but have since been told that isn't the case? What say you wise people? Or am I mixing this up with a c2c password show?
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    Banned room - live!

    Well, that was a first for me. A girl's second day, getting harrased as fuck, threatened with with being reported, then banned just after I logged in. A bunch of the guys were saying it was a recording as it looked the same as yesterday, but as someone pointed out (he noticed due to his autism)...
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    This really is the last post on this particular 'performer'

    So, as mentioned in other threads, I and at least one other member of the forum are aware of dodgy practices of a particular 'model' and I said elsewhere, maybe more than once, that I wouldn't speak of her again. Bu today, she starts broadcasting from one of here rooms, lures a dozen viewers...
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    How do you feel about Zoos?

    Our covid lockdown is starting to lift and I am so looking forward to taking my camera out to various zoos around the UK. I know there are still some really bad zoos around the world and in the UK there are some inadequate enclosures too, but generally I think they are good, to really good. None...
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    Chaturbating label?

    I'm sure I found an answer to this a couple of months ago, but not anymore and wonder if something has changed. When browsing the pages of thunbnails, some have chaturbating label, which I thought meant the model wasn't verified and this somehow restricted the quality/resolution of their stream...
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    Weird stuff - multiple animated streams

    I noticed this last night, but there are several test streams in the new section just showing some kind of animated movie
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    Learning a second language

    For the past few weeks, I have been using an interactive website to learn Spanish, but am not really interested in a lot of the subjects covered. So today I wrote a loose summary of a few of my chaturbate experiences and used google translate to juice up my learning. Obviously, there are going...
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    Different face, same style

    Hi I'm just curious. Recently, a girl has appeared on chaturbate and appears to be very popular. Thing is, I'm sure I've seen her banned before, which was suggested by someone else on her last account too. She never has a menu, asks for larger than average amounts for PM, constantly plays...