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    Broadband vs. Mobile Wifi Dongles?

    I am both a viewer and sometimes a broadcaster. Hotspots and other devices that go across the cellular networks generally are hit and miss. When it works bandwidth is good, but the reliability of the bandwidth is often not great. A lot of the reliability depends on your specificc...
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    Need help choosing an internet plan

    The typical choices will be cable or DSL. What hardware the provider has installed locally to you will determine the max upload/download speeds. In some locations there is long range wireless, but typically the download/upload is not very good and the location needs line-of-sight to the...
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    I always tried to keep my face off of the cam when doing couple shows.
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    Cannot register on any other webcam sites

    Keep in mind that for the most part no ones support is going to respond to anything very quickly (less than several days). And also, any support that is US based is on holiday so very likely lightly staffed probably until Monday.
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    Daily Thoughts

    The only piece of that info that is usable by itself (without looking up with the ISP/IP address data) is the email address. And if you used a separate unique email address for the signup then that address may not identify anyone without knowing other details from the email provider.
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    Recording sites getting more sophisticated?

    If it can be seen or heard on a web page, scraping the info off and/or recording said web page is not that complicated to automate. I have broadcast and rarely have more than 15-20 users at peak, and quite a few of mine are recorded. I am going to assume that pretty much any...
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    Understanding Transmission Delays

    You also need to consider the models encoder has latency before it uploads, up to the provider, and get though the encoder hardware, back to a distribution node, and then it gets passed through various endpoints/distribution nodes that serve users in various parts of the world. So if the...
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    I'm broadcasting at 60fps... but I'm not at 60fps

    I don't see it in their chart, but the listed bitrate for 1080p/30 is 5-8mbps. So I would suspect the issue is the bitrate is too low for them to consider it full 1080p-60. If you have more upload bandwidth than 10mbps, then you might try increasing the bitrate a bit and see if that changes it.
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    How do I reset time ?

    Sometime CB glitches and/or internet glitches logs models and viewers off and back on at random. When it glitches it is often only 5-10 seconds. It is probably not intentional.
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    Anonymous increase&dissapear Chaturbate

    There are "garbage" search results when someone searches for cam related search term. They "appear" based on the title to possibly be good results, but if you click on them they take you to a page that says no results found and then put you into a random chaturbate model's live cam...
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    Laptop Security

    A note, unless you have bitlocker setup and are encrypting the disk, even without giving them any password, one can boot a laptop into a number of ivecd/liveusb boot image and read everything on the HD without even removing it from the laptop. it is only the whole disk encryption/bitlocker...
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    Girlfriend can't get verified

    if you want the photo to not be blurry, then you need to use a better camera, and/or get a lot more light. A lot more light is probably the easiest. Darker means the shutter is open longer, and the photo will be blurrier as almost no one can hold a camera steady, even using a tripod just...
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    1000 views is probably something meaningless like when people searched someplace and clicked on a rechaturbate link they showed the thumbnail for that someplace on that initial page. Sort of like the AD view counting that overstates everything.
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    Berryxberry BANNED ACCOUNT [Chaturbate] 18299938 SEPT 24 NO RESPONSE

    I would not count on their system being that dumb. You probably aren't the first person to have that idea. It is likely they treat a single email address as a unit and as such any new ticket from that email address resets all of the tickets to the back of the queue. It is almost certain...
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    Berryxberry BANNED ACCOUNT [Chaturbate] 18299938 SEPT 24 NO RESPONSE

    There is a rumor that each time you reply to a support ticket and enter a new response that that ticket goes to the back of the line. Given how long it takes for CB to normally answer then if you reply daily or every 2-3 days it is pretty much mean you won't ever get an answer. Seeing that...
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    Best DSLR camera for 4K streaming

    When using a DSLR to stream, do you leave the camera in auto-focus or do you manually focus/set the f-stop on the target range?
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    IS it possible for cam models to fall in love with members at times or is it just a ruse?

    It is all about asking for money without being too obvious and actually asking for money. If they ask for money, you would be more likely to suspect it is all for the money. You can never tell where the hustle begins and ends even if it is just the possibility of money changing hands. In...
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    please help me unbanned my account on chaturbate .. they banned me september 29 until now no response from chaturbate support i need my sallary please

    you need to submit a case to support and then supply that case number and your username on CB on here.
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    One of the tricks porn uses that makes everything look out of scale is some of the directors use fisheye lenses that exaggerate objects that are closer.
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Having the volume/gain turned up too high on the microphone will do that, having the microphone too close to the laptop/desktop fans will do it, or having it too close to something else making noise will do it. The gain is tricky, too high and you get a hum of some sort and too low and it fails...