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  1. Nemelle

    Questions about "new" tag on Chaturbate, and how I'm doing so far!

    Hum, I'm curious how do you manage privates in CB? I have no luck with this site. and stopped it recently. My problem was that my room emptied during each private. and then it was a painful and long climbing again, with sometimes 30-60min with only grey users in my room.
  2. Nemelle

    What country are you from, what countries are your customers from?

    France, which is a problem as not everybody understand my english -_- I did start on a french webcam site which was very bad experience as basically half of users were asking the city I'm from, trying to get a real date and such. I feel like sites oriented around one language have a quite toxic...
  3. Nemelle

    Another totally original “what am I doing wrong” thread lol

    I'm by no mean an expert, as I started recently, but did you try sites outside CB? While I started I tried barely all existing sites, and after a couple of weeks I opened new accounts on those I liked (for the promo period), and focused on them. CB wasn't amongst them. I had a situation a bit...
  4. Nemelle

    First days experience feedback and questions

    Yup this. It's quite obvious that you cannot advert a webcam site on another web cam site, but your links on twitter or discord are covered byr twitter/discord TOS. I'm pretty sure that i saw several models twitters with link to several adult sites. Any way please don't focus on this, it was...
  5. Nemelle

    First days experience feedback and questions

    Hum, I never said that I'll use in instead of main sites. Just multistream on it and set lower prices then on main plateforms, adverting only for regular user in pm. Anyway that was just a small idea in the air, don't focus on this please. I won't try it before month, and I'll create a separate...
  6. Nemelle

    First days experience feedback and questions

    Heya back So a few more days. The Thursday night was possibly the best experience I had - got above the 100$ mark and really enjoyed some conversations. Saturday on the other side was bad. Went for the first time on CH and spend most of the night spying on other models for the tip menu and set...
  7. Nemelle

    The downfall of MFC... Myth or reality?

    Google trends says it was quite diminishing since 2015, but it's more or less stable now. I'm very curious about what happened Jan 2016
  8. Nemelle

    First days experience feedback and questions

    Heya thanks for the replies. I didn't really had problems with scammers. It was more the type "i gave you 10$! You don't see it? It's a known site bug! I'm here since 5 years, you'll receive them in 10 minutes, now do as i say." Just baned and reported usually. Yeah, my biggest mistake was to...
  9. Nemelle

    First days experience feedback and questions

    Heya here. i just started webcaming a few days ago, I'll try to avoid some obvious questions that have been already asked a hundred times. First a little bit about me - Started on Saturday. Pretty confident in my equipment (main job in non adult streaming related industry) light and background...
  10. Nemelle

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Heya everybody. I'm a new model, streaming on several sites, to learn how it works as i have several projects related to webcam ongoing. Got a so-so experience so far so wonder what I am doing wrong -_-