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    What site is it - when tip comes sounds like coin dropping on ground - a thump

    In a room watching show - she is streaming on multiple sites - when tip comes in sounds like coin dropping on ground - a hard thump. Isn't stripchat, or CB, or camsoda - what is left? hahahah
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    After 1 year - I still LOVE the cam shows

    I joined Chaturbate, MFC, CamSoda and MFC in April 2020 when COVID locked me down. So now 1 year and 3 months later - I am still LOVING the shows. Why - let me list the reasons. 1) The girls are perfect - like really 2) Its safe - I am at home - not in a strip club or out getting a...
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    Please help model I visit to unblocked - Shanybrownn

    @punker barbie - can you help her - Shanybrownn - she used the word "pee" - she is colombian and using a translator tool - and the context was this - I visit her almost everyday - over 200 pvt with her over last year - is my favorite model - so I go there on July 26 - we go into pvt - she...
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    Ban Hammer at Chaturbate

    At Chaturbate - 3 girls I have known for over a year - all 3 banned in last 2 weeks. One was banned - then came back - then banned again now. Whenever I see that I always assume they are banned for getting offsite money but? If you had top 5 list of why CB models get banned - what...
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    Chaturbate rankings - how get to front page - is it $$$ or users or ?

    I do not understand the rankings of Chaturbate. I think MFC is pretty much by $$$$ but again not sure if that gets them front page or not ? At chaturbate - If I am only big tipper in the room and am tipping lots - lets say 2,000 tokens in about 45 minutes - rankings seem to not move much...
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    My favorite model at CB - says Access denied. This room has been banned.

    My favorite model - her room says at Chaturbate says - Access denied. This room has been banned. Is 2nd model at Chaturbate now who I grew to like that this has happened to. Wondering why? I never read the TOS - is probably a mile long. Lets start with this - some jealous guy...
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    MFC Model keeps adding me as a Friend - how can stop her?

    So at MFC - was a model I used to tip a lot - then I found another model I liked more so I stopped going to her room. I removed her from my friends list as I only want to see the models that are my friends or I bookmarked as MFC has great preview for your friends and bookmarks etc. So I...
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    PVT gone from collection at Chatter

    I went to check my pvt collection at Chatter to see if had done a PVT with a model - PVT is gone. I email support - they want to know model name - so I try to find - her page is gone - not sure if Chatter deleted or she did etc. She has a "new name" now and has started again. So now I am...
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    MFC - Voyuer / spy option - no recording?

    MFC - Voyuer / spy option - no recording. I read at MFC Wiki I should get a copy of the recording. So far I see nothing - did they change this?
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    Does Chaturbate have bot so can tip x amount every few seconds?

    Does Chaturbate have bot so can tip x amount every few seconds? MFC has a great one - wondering is one for CB - I think I saw a comment before there is a 3rd party once that us tippers can use? Thanks!
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    Visiting Cam Girl room - what helps her more

    HI everyone - back for the best advice about cam rooms =) Met a colombian cam lady - been visiting her room since May - she is nice and show is amazing if enough tips. Calls me her friend (not a lover hahah) so is some reality to that which is good. So I got selfish - didn't want...
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    Tips sound like pop pop pop - what cam site?

    Was doing a PVT with a girl and all of sudden I hear tips coming in as pop pop pop - really fast - not sure what site that is? I was at chaturbate and I have heard stripchat and mfc so its not those 2 - must be another one. Maybe Cam soda but?
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    Confession - found this forum when fell in love with cam girl

    This is long - so am sorry - of course don't have to read it - if this is your topic you might and maybe it will help someone. And as others have said here this type of hustle comes from certain countries so if you want to avoid it then you can sort girls by country and not see certain areas -...
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    The PM - if ingore as a viewer does it upset the Model?

    The PM at MFC and CB - if I as a viewer ignore it does the model get upset? I'm still tipping etc - but not going to connect =) I got into too much PM and while a connection to the model is nice I am sure all the back tattoo posts on here started off with the PM and it can grow from there...
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    Why do I pay for cams when can watch free?

    As I sit and tip while watching cams I sometimes wonder why am tipping. I know there are cam girls here and viewers and I imagine this has been asked before but why do I and maybe 5 others out of 90 viewers feel the need to tip? Something wrong with me? Its in my psyche have to be the big...
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    If basic member can model Pm me In Chaturbate

    I was support member for the $20 and then cancelled but haven't been basic until today. Wondering If am basic member can model Pm me In Chaturbate still? I just can't PM her before she pm me in basic maybe? And quick edit - should I just renew and stay supporter? Didn't seem worth it but...
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    At Chaturbate some models are chaturbating?

    At Chaturbate why does it show some models are chaturbating? No idea what means but maybe 1 in 3 has that on the screen when you first go in and shows you pages of models. Thanks!
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    At MFC is close the PM window - how do I get it back?

    A model PM'd me and then I closed it as I was clicking on something else - no idea how to get that pm back hahaha. At CB there is the tab for PM so I can find it. So at MFC once closed gone until start a new pm or ?
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    MFC - is there an expected amount to be tipped?

    When I go to MFC I notice a lot of the rooms have a lot of regulars and there is lots of witty banter - which is nice and its enoyable. Wondering how long a person can stay in there before tips are expected and then how much would a model be expecting if you are there enjoying the banter and...
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    Unlucky my favorite model is in EU time zone

    The model I like is on both CB and MFC BUT she is rarely on when I'm up as she's in the EU timezone. When its 9pm at my place is 9am where she is - roughly as not sure she is where says she is but is in EU =) I'm on the West Coast and am still working lots so I am in bed early and up...