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  1. Gruner

    Dirty Talk Phrases?

    Hahaha, That's really dirty! Gotta check my shopping list now!
  2. Gruner

    Models, what makes you look forward to a private? Members, Your experiences?

    Thanks again. sorry for long post: I don't always find it easy to find the right tone when posting in this forum as a viewer. I could have been much more detailed in my OP to try to make it clear that, Yes I tip for PMs, in longer conversations I tip every 2-3 PM I get. I also often wait a bit...
  3. Gruner

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    thanks! Your suggestions always seem to work for me. I just re watched "Romeo is bleeding" (1993) Gary Oldman at his best. Fantastic music by Marc Isham.
  4. Gruner

    Models, what makes you look forward to a private? Members, Your experiences?

    Thanks a lot for all the answers!!! Didn't have the time to answer properly, will do that next days. thanks again
  5. Gruner

    Sick Grandmother

    I would tell them: "I'm your grandma and I'm just fine"
  6. Gruner

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    sad story, singer died on stage 1999
  7. Gruner

    Things Models & Users do that you LIKE?

    With models who have a lush, I like to have the option to tip without triggering the lush. I think its easy to set up they just have to leave a gap between the levels. Example: Level 1: 5-15 tokens Level 2: 20-40 tokens Level 3: 50-100 tokens
  8. Gruner

    Daily Thoughts

    Kind of funny, but maybe useful for content creators here. An audio tool that lets you filter out bird sounds from your audio/video files: VST is a plug-in standard. You'll need a VST-host to load...
  9. Gruner

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    oh, yess! Great movie. Not the easiest one to watch, but fantastic.
  10. Gruner

    some relaxing live music now:

    some relaxing live music now:
  11. Gruner

    My favorites keep being deselected.

    same with my mouse, when I click it sometimes doubleclicks. annoying
  12. Gruner

    Models, what makes you look forward to a private? Members, Your experiences?

    Thanks a lot for the reply, this helps. I mean while we are in private. I like it much more when the model isn't distracted by always looking into the chat during the private, so I ask her to only look into the chat when I tip 50 tokens. the 6 minutes I talked about was including a lot of...
  13. Gruner

    Why do studios do this?

    When I got into camming as a viewer I honestly thought models pay the studios, not the other way round. Meaning the model has full control over all her earnings and pays the studio for the service. Maybe naive but that would much more correspond to my idea of professional cooperation. However...
  14. Gruner

    Models, what makes you look forward to a private? Members, Your experiences?

    hi, The other day a model told me my requests for the private were too complicated. I needed 5 PMs to discuss them, took about 6 minutes. Other models before that didn't mind and said they had a lot of fun and would love to do it again. Well, not really a problem because she was honest and I...
  15. Gruner

    Lets make chaturbate make changes

    I just read your other thread, now I understand your frustration much better. I hope you take no offense in my criticism.
  16. Gruner

    Lets make chaturbate make changes

    I think that's a bit unfair! This forum clearly states that the Chaturbate section is unofficial. Yet there are many people being helped by punker barbie. I agree, the chaturbate support seems to suck judging from the issues found here and the missing communication from CB but punker barbie is...
  17. Gruner

    EhotLovea and Inwardly_Beautyy are Indentical!

    She really found a niche for herself and knows how to get the most out of it. And she is working hard. Big respect for that. I was interested watching her only the first few times I visited Chaturbate because she always had the top spot. But very early I was bored and for my taste she looks too...
  18. Gruner

    Daily Thoughts

    Don't know the answer, but I thought about this lately. Maybe words have something to do with this. I think thoughts are more "put into words" as feelings are. You can give a feeling a name, but that word doesn't reflect the feeling, it's just a name.
  19. Gruner

    who are the top earners on chaturbate?

    Inspiration can be good, copying is bad. If you really like what you do you will find others who like it too. I believe that looking at other rooms can be good in terms of the more technical side. What apps/bots are they using? How do these apps/bots perform? Automated chat messages. How is the...
  20. Gruner

    forgot the link :-)

    forgot the link :-)