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  1. MallorieReese

    Classic, should I be worried?

    I might be wrong, but camming is pretty much legal in Kyrgyzstan. Yes indeed, I have read stories and investigations about how cam models there are subject to blackmail and abuse when working with a studio. But that can honestly (and sadly) happen anywhere in the world, it's not about the...
  2. MallorieReese

    Tomorrow is my Bday! HELP

    Happy birthday! If you are on a freemium site, you can tailor your goals and make them birthday-themed, such as "cake me". Be daring and fun with them, you can only benefit from this type of occasion one time per year. I hope you have a great celebration!
  3. MallorieReese

    I need some advice regarding modeling on chaturbate

    Do you have another job besides camming? If not, I would highly suggest you stream for longer than 4 hours... keep up the good work with respecting the schedule and keeping it consistent, but longer shifts will make you more visible on the site :D
  4. MallorieReese

    Fewer and fewer Myfreecams exclusive models

    I agree, the competition has become fiercer since COVID broke out. I guess everyone's earnings decreased, even in the slightest bit. In all truth, with all of the thousands of models creating profiles on camming platforms every day, it is hard to rely only on one site to earn a decent sum of money.
  5. MallorieReese

    Am I The Overreacting?

    This is why female models should get girl mods who are straight. This kind of childish jealousy is going to affect both her traffic and her earnings. I think you should take to her in private and be rational about it - present the facts and then the consequences of allowing the mod to act like...
  6. MallorieReese

    Hey Sluts - Ask Me Anything

    The title made me angry but I am glad I clicked on it because of the comments. Whatever you are taking, I honestly think you should take a lil break from it lol.
  7. MallorieReese

    account ban

    Have you tried contacting support?
  8. MallorieReese

    crushing on a (trans) cam girl

    Let her do her thing - as a cam model from East Europe I can agree on the fact that around here we are put to scrutiny for our sexual orientations, being trans, etc. You could be next to her to show support, but be careful and don't act like a babysitter. I bet she doesn't need anybody to take...
  9. MallorieReese

    The most similar site to Chaturbate

    I agree with Audri, Stripchat might be the closest thing to Chaturbate :D
  10. MallorieReese


    I make the most of my online time to avoid getting burn out. As in, I am not just sitting on the bed and blankly staring at the screen. That's just gonna make you whine at the end of the day because of the bad traffic. Dance, do some teasing, flirt with the camera - anything that would make the...
  11. MallorieReese

    Big Tipper Intimidation?

    From my own experience, when a big tipper enters the room it can either intimidate the other users or motivate them to tip more. To be honest, I don't think you should feel intimidated in any way. At the end of the day, are you in my chatroom to compete with the other users or to have a good...
  12. MallorieReese

    how common do you think people fall for cam models?

    It happens really often - happened to me way too many times in the last three years since I started camming. Most of my friends work as cam models as well, and from what they've told me so far this kind of scenario is anything but uncommon to them.
  13. MallorieReese

    Is my room slow or is it no nut November 😅

    Same story for me, the traffic has been completely shit in the past 2 weeks. We should start a petition to stop this no nut for a month non-sense once and for all. It makes our chatrooms way too silent and everyone else cranky :(
  14. MallorieReese

    Lush 1, 2, or 3 for a newbie?

    As Rubi said, Lush 1 used to disconnect from my phone a lot and it was really frustrating. If you are a rookie, L2 is a good option - both price-wise and efficiency. :D
  15. MallorieReese

    Am I actually helping in the long run, or only doing damage?

    I wish there were more members like that. I am sure you are not hurting anybody, it's a nice gesture to tip without a request and rate up their page. :D
  16. MallorieReese

    Dealing with Burn-Out as a Cam-Model

    Haha yes, it was! But it was totally worth it, I think being online for so many hours really made me more visible on the site and subsequently, increased my earnings. Yes, I usually stream up to 40 hours per week. I had periods of time when I even did 12-hours shifts lol. Redbulls helped a lot, lol.
  17. MallorieReese

    Dealing with Burn-Out as a Cam-Model

    It's hard, but I try not to lose my patience - I either try to dance/tease in order to attract more traffic to my room... or watch funny cat videos in order to lift up my mood. There are always going to be slow days and you can't do anything about it besides hanging in there. It's not you, it's...
  18. MallorieReese

    Dealing with Burn-Out as a Cam-Model

    I usually stream for about 8 hours 5 days/week, but tbh being a cam model is my only hustle. Sometimes, I even streamed for 12 hours if I caught good traffic throughout my shift. I started camming 3 years ago and during this time, there were obviously a lot of moments when I felt tired or bored...
  19. MallorieReese

    What can a model do when a mini whale PM's her for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week?

    The biggest mistake that you can do as a cam model - focus all of your attention on one user. If he goes offline forever, she has to start practically from scratch again. And you never know when that will happen - it can be tomorrow or next month. She should clearly create some boundaries.
  20. MallorieReese

    I live in California, what banks don’t have a morality clause like chase and Wells Fargo do so I can deposit my streamate earnings?

    I am from East Europe and I've never heard about this morality clause or whatever... or maybe I was lucky enough to deposit my money in a bank where they don't care whether if you are a sex worker or not. Off-topic, but WTF? I can't believe this kind of situation exists. Since camming isn't...