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  1. NerdyZoey

    Songs by/about SW and SWers

    Compiling a giant list! Looking for help to make my list of songs performed by or written by or about sex workers and/or sexwork. thanks in advance!
  2. NerdyZoey

    My First Show on Streamate

    ok so it wasn’t just my first show on SM it was my first show ever. I wanted to write out my experience, because when I first got interested I tried to find as many strories as possible. Anyway, I logged on around midnight. I had issues with SMbroadcaster at first but figured it out rather...
  3. NerdyZoey

    Terms of Service question

    As I’m waiting for the DMV to send me my ID I’ve been researching, coming up with show ideas etc... I’ve printed out all the sites’ TOS for where I plan on working such as CB. Which is where I found this “ You will not post any message, picture or recording, or use the Service in any way...
  4. NerdyZoey

    Amazon Locker a new delivery option?

    Somive searches the site and nothing came up when I looked up amazon lockers. Basically I was able to sign up for an amazon account, use my stage name, and pick a location (it is over 100 miles away from my home but I have someone picking up packages for me and sending them to me). I tried it...
  5. NerdyZoey

    Profile Picture Questions?

    I’ve been looking all over the internet at different profile pictures on different sites. I’m interested in starting off on CB and SM, to see which works best for me as a newbie, and when more comfortable possibly try MFC. I can’t suss out which photo to use as my first profile pic? Maybe I’m...