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    Passport ban ticket 18192831 @ punker barbie

    Performer : tastytrap19 ticket number 18192831 Hi, @punker barbie Chaturbate banned my account for providing false ID. I used my passport and have had my account for almost 4 years. My passport is real and I've traveled with it and have entry and exit stamps i can show. Im transgender and...
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    Banned no response from Chaturbate in 6 days help please

    @punker barbie hi Im user tastytrap19 Ticket number 18143256 I was working early Thursday morning around 2 a.m. my computer froze I restarted it and continue broadcasting about 10 minutes later I think I was falsely reported for age verification I saw that flash on my screen before my screen...
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    Banned and email problem Please help with CB support

    @punker barbie I hope you can help me . My model account was banned " terms of service" . I emailed support twice and got no answer and they replied on my third email to support. they told me to write them from the account i registered with. I explained in all three emails Im unable to...