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  1. J

    Free OF Page Ideas!

    Yeah I have some of those. I have sold one set, but nothing major at all lol! Thanks :)
  2. J

    Looking for a mentor

    Hey Kylie! I just started in January but would love to answer any questions you have :) shoot me an email
  3. J

    Free OF Page Ideas!

    Hello! So I have had a Free OnlyFans page in addition to my paid page for a while. I get new subs to the free page like everyday, and sometimes they come over to the paid page, but I don’t feel I’m able to capitalize on these subs as much as I should be able to. I currently post non nude pics...
  4. J

    Video hosting question

    Thanks so much! I will try We Transfer next time. Appreciate it!
  5. J

    Video hosting question

    Hey! Does anybody have a suggestion for a free video hosting platform other than Google Drive? I added something to my spin the wheel where the tipper can win a free video and I send it to their email, but when I went to try to send it the file was too big. Personally I don't love the idea of...
  6. J

    Error Publishing Stream?

    I was getting this error all the time before I bought a new computer. I don't exactly know if that was issue, but something that did seem to help sometimes was clicking the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of Chrome, going to "More Tools" then Clear Browsing Data. Do that and then go back...