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  1. Life_Happens

    Model Screen Grab Images

    I am sure this has been asked before. But what is the status? Can you please update the model room photos faster, or maybe give a quick 2-3 second hover-over preview? So many times I have seen something I really like and want to tip for, but when I click and enter the room, it is something...
  2. Life_Happens

    My favorites keep being deselected.

    About 2 months ago I noticed a couple of models that I had favorited had not been around for a while. When I went to see if they were banned or had moved on, they were still streaming often but were no longer favorited! I am positive I did not unfavorite them. This morning I noticed it again...
  3. Life_Happens

    CB Not Saving CC Information in Browser?

    I am wondering if this is a CB change, or if it is due to my computer/browser settings. Until about a week ago, when I went to purchase tokens, my CC info prefilled, so all I had to do was click the "Purchase" button. But now nothing is prefilled and I have to type the CC#, CID, and expiration...
  4. Life_Happens

    Big Tipper Intimidation?

    I saw some threads about this but they were already closed. First, I am not a huge tipper due to budget, but I tip frequently and without hesitation. 15s are my bread and butter. haha So I am wondering what members and models have to think about this... Members: when you are in a model's room...
  5. Life_Happens

    Latency and Volume

    Hello! Member here. When I turn on Ultra-low latency, the model's volume goes way way down. Even with two EQ and Volume boost Chrome plugins, it is hard to hear her. When I turn off ultra-low latency, It is very very loud. Is this normal? Windows and latest Chrome.
  6. Life_Happens

    Can I Change My SC Member Username

    My fav model was banned on another platform (surprise, surprise) and she is creating a model account on SC. I want to change my member username to what it was on that other platform that I won't be frequenting anymore. Is that possible? If I need to delete my SC account and start over, will it...
  7. Life_Happens

    Accidentally Purchased 4,000+ tokens: WTF?

    I have purchased tokens a million times on CB. For some reason, this time, it purchased 4070 tokens! WTF? I can not afford that and it will overdraw my bank account. @punkerbarbie or whoever - please ask support to address my ticket asap before it snowballs into a financial disaster! What is...
  8. Life_Happens

    How Do I Say Goodbye?

    I have a kind of unhappy question. Long story short, 11 months ago I met my "one and only" cam model, and have eventually become exclusive to her. I went so far as to unfavorite all the others I had favorited up till now. Our time together is always so frickin fun and exciting. We usually just...