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    payment missing... i sent mail, and cb banned me no reason , and no one answers

    hello, so i havent got my payment, and chaturbate dont answer me, i sent mails, to see what happened with my payment and cb just banned me, no reason, can you please @punker barbie help me, name is nasty4y0u
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    payment missing chaturbate dont answer

    hello @punker barbie i beg you to help me no one answer Ticket number is 18608639 Name on site is 18608639..nasty4y0u. i beg have some time for me
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    Semi-montly payment missing on chaturbate

    Hello @punker barbie and i am sorry if i bother you my friend didint get her payment and is stressed she has to pay her bills and homr credit her native language is not english thats why i am helping her can you please check, support dont answer can you help her?? Ticket number is 18608639 Name...
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    whats new on paxum ?

    hello can someone explain me what will happene with paxum,and how his will affect chaturbate payments ?? help me pleaseee
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    about huge blackout

    hey i am kinda scared about massive black out, any news ? someone knows anything ??
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    how much do you smoke per day ?
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    hey,romanian girls :) are u paying fees

    hello girls, so i withdraw my money to my card, from paxum to external card, is instant, i am paying that fees, from transfer , how i am paying the income fees, anyone pays, anyone had problems ? :) thanks!!!
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    i got banned, when i logged in, no reason, and no warrning, i am old model

    hello, i am londebabe95 and i was banned no reason, supprt dont answer me at all, i am keep trying from 3 weeks, help me @punker barbie please
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    Romanian girls

    Hey girls, how are you getting ur money now from cb, as long as Sepa falled, and union pay, is not avaibble evrywhere
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    hello, i need help

    hello so i am woman,a transwoman, and my ID is a male Id, how i am making to prove chaturbate, how i register, my ID expires in 2 years, so i ididnt made the change yet, and anyway on my ID says Male, but my body says female , lol, know someone, if i can just make the pics, and add them as...
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    traffic from cb, earnings ? how is going ? is slow , i am disperate !!

    hey hey all , is slow , how is going how are your earnins ??
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    onlyfans help

    hello, can someone help me with onlyfans, giving me some details, like form of payments accepted, and if i am linking my instagram, evryone will see that i am on of as well ? can i work without my face ? help please!!! My husband can work as well on of as a male ?
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    unabble to send tip

    hello, @punkerbarbie my account slutym0m it says, unabble to send tip, can you check and help me pelase, i sent mail to chaturbate, but i dont get answer, help me please!