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  1. J

    Chaturbate vs. Streamate

    A model that I mod for (yes, mods suck, I agree) is planning on moving from CB to SM but isn't really able to explain why. I know SM takes a bigger cut and is focused on privates and not tips per se which could generate more money for the time spent online, in theory. But she likes the chat...
  2. J

    Can You Shared Tokens?

    On CB, can you share tokens with another user account?
  3. J

    Not able to block a user

    Any reason why a model is unable to block a user? A grey user even? The normal pop up with those options won't even appear. And I as her mod am unable to silence him. Are there super users or something?
  4. J

    Am I The Overreacting?

    Okay. I hope I am overreacting and I probably should have waited to post but whatever. I have been following a model for just over six months and my most active time was early on but I try and visit occasionally. Our schedules do not align now that I am back in the office. But we chat offline...
  5. J

    Proof Reading

    Would you be offended if a user suggested corrections regarding spelling and grammar on your Bio or Tip Menu?
  6. J

    Never Have I Ever - Calling Your Bluff

    Okay. I started following a model in May. We became pretty close over the month and still message each other almost every day. At this point I only visit her room occasionally just to say hi. She is the only model who has ever seen my face and she says I am her type. This is not "I am in love...
  7. J

    Russian Models Who Never Let You Hear Their Voice?

    What is the deal with these Russian models that just play music and you never hear them speak or anything from their room? I have encountered this a few times. I used to follow a model that was like this and she was often speaking to someone on the other side of the partition. (She did speak...
  8. J

    MFC Video Quality Sucks Only When I Am Logged In.

    Okay, I created an MFC account last week and everything was fine. This morning I logged in and the video feeds were glitching and stuttering. The audio was fine. When I logged out the video was perfect. Logged back in and it was again glitchy and stuttering. Any ideas? New user hazing maybe? I...