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  1. StormiAnderson

    Skype v. pvt shows

    I’ve been asked a million times to do Skype now so I searched up this thread to see what the models are saying. I’m glad my gut instinct was right about the IP address situation, the hassle, and members wanting cheaper prices. A member tried to gently bully me into it today and told me “good...
  2. StormiAnderson

    Views on vids that require tip?

    Oh I can't because I block my province.
  3. StormiAnderson

    Views on vids that require tip?

    So I'm assuming my MFC Share album videos have views and favourites because people are clicking on them, not watching them without tipping, right? I have them set to tip token access but I'm kind of paranoid? If I posted the link, would someone double check for me? :facepalm:
  4. StormiAnderson

    How to see my rank

    Hey! I have searched and searched my profile and settings and can't seem to figure out how to view my rank. I'm just curious to see where I am. Is there any way to see other than typing @rank in my room topic? Thank youu as always! I've posted a lot of questions my first few weeks and I really...
  5. StormiAnderson

    Mirror my webcam

    Oh, no I haven’t learned how to do that yet. I’m just streaming directly from the website! Will that still work? Is there any other way to quickly flip it if I’m just streaming from the website?
  6. StormiAnderson

    Mirror my webcam

    Thank you very much. Do I need to save, or leave OBS open for MFC to pick up on the flip?
  7. StormiAnderson

    Mirror my webcam

    This is exactly why I want to do it. I feel like I have stank face without it. My smile is weird. Everything is weird.
  8. StormiAnderson

    Mirror my webcam

    Hi :) I would like to flip my webcam so that when I move left I go left on my screen. It gets confusing when I want to fix my hair or move a certain way. I have a MacBook and I’ve tried downloading OBS and using QuickTime but I’m not having any luck. Can someone help with this? thank you so...
  9. StormiAnderson

    Illegal gambling ?

    Hey everyone! I’m planning on doing a Keno game tomorrow. My question is: how are games not considered illegal gambling? I guess doing actions wouldn’t be but what if I advertise that the top hidden prize is a pair of panties? Is that then considered illegal since it’s winning an item? tia !
  10. StormiAnderson

    Private - what do you do?

    Hey everyone, I just had my first night on cam last night. I think that I did really well! I was on for 2 hours and managed to reel in 3000 tokens. I actually spent my time in private’s and group shows and I’m wondering this: what do you do when you’re in private? I let the guys take the lead...
  11. StormiAnderson

    Image Resize

    I’m getting frustrated. I finally took a photo to use as my profile today. We used my boyfriend’s brand new phone, horizontal as requested, no cropping, and when I try to upload the photo it says “Error. The minimum dimensions are 1440x810.” I’ve tried resizing it and reuploading but I’m getting...
  12. StormiAnderson

    XSplit and what you use for video editing

    Thanks Dj_pioneer. What is the benefit of using XSplit Broadcaster while streaming? I’m not familiar with it’s function at all.
  13. StormiAnderson

    XSplit and what you use for video editing

    Hey! So I just purchased a new Logitech webcam and it came with a free trial of a video editor called XSplit. It says that it is easy and simple to use if you have no experience (me). It looks like it also has blur / focus effects. I’m not sure if that feature would also work on live streaming...
  14. StormiAnderson

    Shipping panties and pantyhose

    I’m from Canada and I’ve been wondering about this as well. I was thinking of offering to Canada and US only but I don’t know how much more it would cost to go to the states. Also, about the return address thing. I used to work in a jail and people would mail letters to inmates with no return...
  15. StormiAnderson

    Remaining anonymous pros and cons

    Thanks everyone. I’m trying to *like* your replies but I can’t figure out how. Haha. I’m okay with the risk of being recognized. It wouldn’t change my life drastically. I think I just have this level of comfort in feeling like I could deny it if and when a video got leaked. And who knows, in...
  16. StormiAnderson

    Remaining anonymous pros and cons

    Hey! I am about to start camming. I have a good full time job and this is something I’d like to do on the side for some extra spending money. I have been considering the pros and cons of showing my face vs. not. I think I would like to remain anonymous - I have an amazing body if I don’t say so...