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    new ID verification system banned us even when we have 100% legit passports

    hey guys id like to share our case on chaturbate ... We are 2 female and 1 male performer on account: funcouple1985 Id like to point out that we signed up first time on chaturbate on march 2013 and have been cammin exclusively here since then (maybe this helps?) we were age verified and...
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    banned for 4 days now support doesnt answer back

    hi @punker barbie cb asked us to upload new IDs wich we were doing when suddenly got banned ...its been 4 days and no answers back were loosing so much money ;( aprecciate it any help :) username: funcouple1985 thank you very much for reading :)
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    hi @punkerbarbie our room was banned 2 days ago and still no answers

    pleaseee help our account was banned 2 days ago and still no answers back our username: funcouple1985 thank you very much @punkerbarbie
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    our chaturbate account was banned for no aparent reason please help

    hello @punker barbie our account was banned and we dont get any response from support .... we have a LOT of money there can you please help us asking them why did we get banned why no answers? it is extremely stressfull plesase help us lady :) our chaturbate username: funcouple1985