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  1. Dannyhomebody

    Piggyback fetish?

    I've done this in a couple of webcam private shows, and even with a couple of phone sex calls in the past. One guy walks with a cane, another is a quadriplegic, who wants me to carry him all over his house, from front porch to the attic with Madonna's song Material Girl on repeat, until the...
  2. Dannyhomebody

    For those who have started their own website, and/or even combine personal website work and webcam site work, what are/were the pros/cons?

    Thinking about starting my own personal website, combining webcam work with personal site. Just curious to read/see opinions. Is it sensible to create a separate website to respectfully distance yourself as a webcam model for revenue or no? Combine separate website and webcam sites? Thoughts?
  3. Dannyhomebody

    Webcam world overall

    Just curious to read/see responses. How much has the webcam world changed for anybody who has worked in the industry in the last 1-10 years? Thoughts?
  4. Dannyhomebody

    Models showing everything and leaving "nothing" to the imagination

    So many models (not all) just giving away way too much out there for the whole world to see. I understand some sites allow nudity in a party chat/tipping setting, but it's a shame when you see models just "masturbating/f-----g somebody else and/or more than one person" hoping for some gold...