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  1. MrRodry

    "Strangers Tried Blackmailing a Camgirl with Photos, So She's Selling the Photos"

    Cool article at MotherBoard about a cam model dealing with her screencap content and people trying to blackmail her. More info at the source -
  2. MrRodry

    Models with beautiful short hair

    A topic about models with beautiful short hair. Starting with 2 models. AngieLewis - Twitter Foxxsmoulder - Tumblr - Other links
  3. MrRodry

    Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

    A continuation of the saga created by George Lucas set thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983). Directed by J.J. Abrams.
  4. MrRodry

    Sophia Locke's Cam Girl Mansion + Leatherface = Girlhouse

    :lol: Looks interesting.
  5. MrRodry

    HBO's New Sex Docuseries First Episode Will Cover Cam Work

    Source: ... ex-sex-now Excerpt of an interview with the docuseries director:
  6. MrRodry

    Beware of the payAneer phising

    Saw this on Tumblr and decided to post it here. If there is already a topic about this at the Models Only section, ignore this one. from ... -i-went-to
  7. MrRodry

    Writer looking for cam models that just started making porn.

    Maybe this can interest somebody around here:
  8. MrRodry

    "Banks to porn stars: Your money's not welcome"

    from ... -1C9967366 Oh CNB! :naughty:
  9. MrRodry

    Vikings by History Channel

    From I just watched the first episode and it's really good. It got a little bit of fantasy and a great pacing. If you are going to download it, I suggest to you to get a file with a good resolution frame because it looks beautiful too.
  10. MrRodry

    "Memes I'd Like to F**k"

    source ... orn-memes/ :pray: Memes are not the only thing Wood Rocket are making a porn of.
  11. MrRodry

    Camgirls: Celebrity and Community (...) by Theresa Senft ... l_Networks I'm not sure this got posted here (I searched and found nothing, probably this is old news at the models only area?) so I'm posting it here because I think it can be a good read to some premiums and models.
  12. MrRodry

    Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

    I'm hooked.
  13. MrRodry

    The strangely uplifting tale of the cam-girl with no vagina

    Found this interview at tumblr and it seems cool to post it here. :clap:
  14. MrRodry

    The Walking Dead Game

    From the same team that made the Sam & Max, Back to the Future, Law & Order and Jurassic Park video games. Trailer Walkthrough Part 1
  15. MrRodry

    Crowdfunding & Porn

    New website for crowdfunding adult projects - It does not say the % that the site will hold but I believe it can work. Or maybe work as another option for the models, in the place of a travel chip-in that got stuck, per example. There is some really successful crowdfunding...
  16. MrRodry

    Funny Rap Videos Topic

    Because before Jon Lajoie there was your average homeboy Denny Blazing Hazen!
  17. MrRodry

    New podcast about games raises six thousand dollars

    In less than an hour - :shock: Right now they got US$8.856,00. ... s-of-the-d The power of crowdfunding, social media and NERDS!!!
  18. MrRodry

    Butt stabber on the loose in Virginia.

    Virginia models be alert! ... 51323.html Here this wanker would be stoned in public. :-D