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  1. troubleMeika

    Lush or Nora?

    Hey! I apologize upfront if there is a thread like this out there.. I search it for at least 2 hours and couldnt find anything that answered my questions, neither directly nor indirectly.. So here we go... I am really considerating an interactive toy. I think those are fun and something I can...
  2. troubleMeika

    Im i too nice?

    Hey! So, i've been in MFC for sort of 4 months now. Lately i've been very consistent in my schedules, have a good cam (logitech c920), lighting, i donthave thebest room but ive done mybest for it to look nice, im talkative, i tease ... all the basics i've made sure i have all those covered...
  3. troubleMeika

    Being a Suicide Girl pays off??

    Heeey :) I've been thinkin of becoming a SG (this sezy tattoed and hair colored models) for some weeks already, i already sent the application and they answered me. So now i have to fill up all the legal requirements and documents. But of course if they are asking me to send naked pictures...
  4. troubleMeika

    I looooove MFC, but....

    I'll try to be short bt clear. I've been camming on MFC for 2 months already (was 1 month on SM and i loved it, but i had sign up with a studio and they were shitty people), and i like it aa looot, i like the guys, the vibes of the site, the interface etc. But there is only one problem... I...