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  1. BritneySiren

    Growing pains

    I’ve made this mistake before. I just assumed that because I feel a certain way about relationships that if there’s ever issue a person will say something but maybe this is something I’ve put off thinking about much because I always had some other issue or thing to focus on. I’ve never had the...
  2. BritneySiren

    It's been a long time

    I've been away for a bit. Trying to find my way back to the world of the living slowly. I had a very rough time starting around this time last year when I lost my grandmother (who raised me) to going through a very violent break up with an abusive ex. I missed out on a lot of work opportunities...
  3. BritneySiren

    I just got playstation VR

    which required me to get a cam and the like so I've done a couple of streams via youtube. I'm still unsure if twitch is better for streaming. I'm not trying to make it adult or anything like that. I was just wondering if twitch or youtube is better for live streaming video games and connecting...
  4. BritneySiren alternatives

    lately my chat has had some very annoying guest chat folks... and a weird person I suspect is stalking from a gaming community I'm a part of. Since the only way to block the guest is going into tipping chat (which mimics my free cams anyway) I was wondering what were some of your thoughts on...
  5. BritneySiren

    being sexual takes away from X hobby

    I was tagged in a post about cosplaying not meaning consent but the post trailed off into the woman going to cosplay themed adult sites and how that took away from cosplaying some how. Seeing as how I model for one of those sites I find it odd that someone would tag me in something like that. I...
  6. BritneySiren

    So I got a PS4

    I haven't had a sony system since ps2 and even then I mostly remember playing ps1. Are there any good games that I should be on the look out for? I'm for certain getting the ff7 remake (even though it will be episodic it's my favorite game and it just looks amazing... I had the same excitment...
  7. BritneySiren

    guests on your cam shows

    have any of you done this? How do you go about setting it up? Do members get a kick out of seeing shows together? Do they have to be hardcore? I'm just curious since I've never done it before but would be willing to give it a shot.
  8. BritneySiren

    Youtube, Twitch... branching out!

    So I started a youtube a while back with the intent mainly to be learning how to speak better to the camera but also to people in general. When I first started out much of the video's etc... were just really quiet and I struggled to find things to say but now it's a bit easier to ramble about...
  9. BritneySiren

    Flow wands?

    I was wondering if anyone here has used them and can gauge the learning curve? I've heard that if you want to have better flow in your dancing that this can help. That starting with one is fairly easy but two can be tricky. Are there any brands I should look into/avoid?
  10. BritneySiren

    burned out on webcamming

    So I've had some ups and downs with camming for a while now. Most of the time the room is filled with dead silence. I've stopped trying to greet everyone as they come in. Aside from a couple of people that I enjoy talking to/who actually pay from time to time it's mostly me trying to find shit...
  11. BritneySiren


    After several years if not going i may have found a way to attend agAin. As much as i really enjoy festivals to the vibe and gladness and just about everything the prices tend to get in the way. Would you all day it's worth it to go to such grand events?
  12. BritneySiren

    Dancing Games! DDR Pump it up etc...

    Didn't really see this as a topic but was wondering if any of you were into them. I've been playing them off and on for about a decade now. Lately I play mostly Pump it up. It's pretty amazing cardio and sometimes you meet really nice folks when you're out and about. Any of you play? Own a...