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    Ever had your sex toy discovered by another family member?

    Hi All I am just wondering if any of you ever had one of your sex toys discovered by a family member? One time a few years back I forgot to take my masturbation sleeve out of the shower with me when I was done. That bathroom is used by multiple members of the family. My sister than texted...
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    MFC Private Video Archive

    I never knew till the other day that when you do a private session with a model on MFC that they record that and save it in your archives so you can access that video again later. I like that feature. Hopfully it is not strange that I like to go back and watch those saved archived private...
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    Does MFC record Customers webcams

    This is a strange question. I was wondering and I am not accusing anyone of anything don't worry. But I was wondering if MFC records customers cams. For example if I am on there and I turn my webcam on and have my penis out. Masturbating on cam does MFC record that? Are they like required...
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    Found Coworker on Chaturbate

    Hi All So the other day while I was browsing through the woman on Chaturbate I saw one that looked familiar after going in to her cam room and being in there for a little big of time I realized it is one of the Coworkers I work with. I am a little surprised she works at our job and does...
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    Suggestions on coming out to your family

    Hi all For the longest amount of time I have been doing things like crossdressing and playing with dildos and watching trans gender cams. I have decided I want boobs. I am not sure how to tell my family this. Now I am not gay. I like girls and I like Transgender people with Big Penises and...
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    Why no Transgender Cams on MFC

    I am not sure if this is the right place to as this. But why is there not a place on MFC where you can watch Transgender cams like Chaturbate has? I lately for sometime have really been into watching Transgender cams on Chaturbate. I think it would be great if MFC offered a section for...