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  1. RileyOh

    Venmo Frozen

    I haven't received any venmo payments this month but got a message today that my account was frozen. Not quite sure why it was frozen but i can't fight it with my cam name on the account. Im curious whether i could change the phone number on that account and sign up with my own again and a...
  2. RileyOh gift cards

    I have a Canadian member that sent me a gift card but it wouldn't register in the US, it had to be done on Is there a way around this? Can they log into the US site and send the card? Can I move the balance to my US account?
  3. RileyOh

    Selling Photosets

    I've been doing nude modeling for years before I started on MFC. So I have tons of sets to sell. Do I sell them straight off Mfc, send buyers the files myself, or use another site to host them? Also, how much should be charged for them?
  4. RileyOh

    what magic wand do you use?

    I'm looking to expand my cam toy collection. The new company that took over the manufacturing of the Hitachi magic wand seems to be getting a lot of complaints. What product do you prefer?