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  1. Johndoe91

    Adventures in offsite payment(and why its a bad idea)

    Alright, let me preface this story with a disclaimer that i have been around long enough to know that what i did was not smart, but i did it anyway. Kinda the story of my life. I recently met a new model on cams .com, and struck up a conversation. She was fun to talk to, but almost immediately...
  2. Johndoe91

    Direct bank transfer as payment for show

    I was trying to decide if this fit any of the current threads, couldn't make up my mind, so fuggit, new thread. A model I've known for a long time(5+ years) recently said something about doing deals on Skype shows, so I asked about them and the only way she would take payment was a direct bank...
  3. Johndoe91

    Porn site search/directory

    I googled this and didn't yield any results. Is there a place to search which subscription sites a model/pornstar has worked with? I come across plenty of adult performers on twitter and the like, but outside of seeing their posts on who they just shot a scene with, it's hard to find more of...
  4. Johndoe91

    Different model names

    I've noticed that there are lots of models that cam on multiple sites and don't use the same or even similar names on each site. I was just curious what the theory was behind that?
  5. Johndoe91

    Any collectors?

    i was just curious if anyone else on here has a collection they're proud of? Stuffed animals, stamps, vintage flasks,whatever. I collect vintage textbooks, mostly technical fields, auto repair, plumbing, electrical, welding, ect. The majority are Audels, International Textbook Company, and John...
  6. Johndoe91

    Actors who don't "fit"

    Have you ever watched a movie or tv show and there's an actor/actress who doesn't fit the situation? Either as their character or in the movie all together. I just watched "sphere" based on the michall chricton novel, and queen Latifa is in it and every time I've watched this movie I thought 2...