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    Helping a model

    Hi, so I’m here to know whether or not it’s okay to help a friend who is a cam model. I met her through SM and we became best friends. She always asked for help with money whenever she couldn’t work because of problems she has from Home (gonna try not to go to specific on what the problems are)...
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    Can't log into Streamate account!

    This is for my friend, We were doing a show and she wanted to check her earnings before she left as we were doing our show, but it didn't let her. So I logged out and she still couldn't check her earnings after several times trying to sign in. She changed her password and nothing. Then I went...
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    Finally met my friend who happened to be a cam girl

    So I just came back from trip to Vegas and all I have to say is that I had great time. Even though at times it seemed like it wouldn't. I flew to Vegas to see my friend who I met through SM. We did talk about the the idea of dating, but we agreed we would take it really slow if anything were to...
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    Worse days to cam

    I've noticed the worse days for cam girls to cam on are major sports events or the holidays. Especially if it's around the holidays it gets super slow. I'm wondering what other days or even what hours are the cam on. I know for each girl is different but with this thread I'm hoping we can get a...
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    I am meeting a cam model

    So next month I will be flying to Vegas to meet my friend who met through streamate. Yes, obviously she's a cam model and I've met her since pretty much the day I started over 3 years ago(thank you porn hub lol) Over the years me and her have developed a friendship. I used to never do shows...