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    Do you treat camming as your business or a flexible part time job?

    If you are being honest with yourself, which is it?
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    What about hobbies?

    What is your favorite hobby? Do you include it in your shows / videos? Or is it your get away from camming?
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    Has anyone signed up as an Amazon affiliate?

    You tweet out your affiliate link; your regs or even randoms go to Amazon through your link and buy whatever they were going to buy already; you get an “advertising fee” from Amazon. Seems like an easy thing to try at least..
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    Whats the one thing camming related, you are most confident about?

    It's that one thing that you know, no matter the day, "I got this, no matter what else happens!"
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    What is one thing holding you back from being succesful?

    Of course you want more money, bigger following, etc. What is 1 thing holding you back right now?
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    The scariest thing about caming is...

    You're dressed, makeup done, your plan for the day is set, just about to broadcast..... What's the scariest thing?
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    How much time do you spend on your Business?

    Tracking specific business metrics or website analytics, marketing plans and strategies, education (podcasts, blogs, etc) What say you?
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    How much effort do you put in to selling your video clips?

    do you send tweet when it's ready for sale and let it go? do you talk about the clip/video in your room only? combination of things? what works for you?
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    What off-screen aspect of camming takes the most time everyday?

    besides actually performing, what do you have to spend the most work time of?
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    Do you ever "meet up" with other models to talk business ideas?

    aside from trying to setup collaborations or appearances, do you chat with other models about business strategies and things like that?
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    What do you like most about being in businesses for yourself?

    we have had the dislikes thread, so now what's your 1 favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?
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    Do you sell any content on your own website?

    How do you drive traffic? Do you sell on all the other possible clip sites (C4S,MV,etc..) ? Percentage wise, how much do you sell on your own site vs the other clip sites?
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    What does an agency do for you exatly?

    Do feel you get fair value in return? Do you pay a flat fee? Or a percentage? Anything you wish they did?
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    What's the one aspect of camming that you like the least?

    Maybe you have a few things that you dislike about it.. If it was just one thing you didn't have to deal with anymore in camming, what's that one thing for you?
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    Where do you get video content ideas from?

    Do you focus on your own interests? Do you try out different fetishes that look interesting? "copy" interesting ideas from other models? :happy:
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    A members first time in your room..

    What is the first thing you want a member to do, when entering your room for the very first time? Tip? Add to the conversation? Follow you on your social channels? Or what?
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    Have you used YouTube for previews of your videos?

    Obviously it would take some editing work (or recording with this idea in advance) to get something clean enough for Youtube. Has anyone done this? How effective was it, from a sales or even just an exposure perspective?
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    How much outside marketing do you do?

    Hi everyone, I have been reading this site for a few months and only recently signed up, so here is my first thread! How much outside marketing do you do for yourself? Do you market your camsite/room? Market to your video sales page only? Combo of anything and everything? Im just very...