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    aw thanks!

    aw thanks!
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    Check Out SultryCam.Com

    A whitelabel site gets the creator of the whitelabel (in this case me) the "advertisement" revenue that would generally just float off into nowhere land or go to CB. The only difference is the color scheme and name.
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    Happy new years eve! Hope you all have a kickass day!

    Happy new years eve! Hope you all have a kickass day!
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    What is the strictest camsite?

    Strictest I've worked on is Streamate. Not just because of their rules but also how they penalize you in regards to these rules. Some cam sites may give you warnings but Streamate will literally delete your account if you don't listen to them.
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    Things Everybody (But You) Find Sexy

    Booty itself is great to look at and to touch but I'll never understand the appeal of an asshole. Guys will ask me to "show them my tight little pink asshole" and I'm like um okay? What is this doing for you? I don't understand the appeal of a poop chute but oh well!
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    Tipping - who, how much, and why?

    Restaurants always get a minimum of $5, depending on their service I'll tip higher than that. Baristas I try to leave at least a dollar for if I have it, because I used to be one and to all the people saying "at least they make minimum wage" that still SUCKS. Lots of them can't get the hours...
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    Significant other watching your videos/live feed?

    My girlfriend cams with me occasionally and sometimes makes clips with me, but she's never really sat in my room and watched the live feed. I agree with most girls, that I would get stage fright knowing she was watching. I even get a little nervous when she's in the room and I'm putting on a...
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    Check Out SultryCam.Com

    she does receive tips through whitelabels, when you create an account on sultrycam it is the same as a chaturbate account. I can log into sultrycam using my CB login info and vice versa. It's as if you're using chaturbate but it just has a different domain name. It has all the same operations.
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    Check Out SultryCam.Com

    Hello, I just started my own whitelabel site through Chaturbate! I'm very excited to say I'm probably hosting some of the totally incredible models on here! Anyway the point of this post was to ask for you guys to visit my page, possibly provide some feedback on my color scheme and logo, and...
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    who is your hollywood crush?

    Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, and Megan Fox <3
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    Model Lookalikes

    I think @Dani Picas slightly resembles Kenna from the show Reign.
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    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    The most annoying thing a model can do on cam is be on their phone. I put some pandora on through my phone, connect it to a speaker, put it on silent, and ONLY touch it in very important situations (if I receive an unexpected phone call from my girlfriend - might mean I have to come pick her up...
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    Cam Girl on Ankle monitor

    Definitely go for it, the ankle bracelet may draw attention but as long as she is okay with that attention and is either willing to play along in conversation or willing to tell people she doesn't want to talk about it then it's no big deal. It could be a huge kink for some people, so she could...
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    Daily Thoughts

    I'm out of AA batteries and my vibrator takes AA batteries. Daily thought: I don't want to go to the store to buy freakin' batteries.
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    I just wanted to thank you for this forum it's been beyond helpful. You're incredible!

    I just wanted to thank you for this forum it's been beyond helpful. You're incredible!
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    How far is too far? (Streamate Question)

    Every so often while I'm on cam I get inquiries about "forced" roleplay. Personally, I do not agree with doing that and I do appreciate when people ask me beforehand so I can kindly decline. But what do you do, if 10 minutes into a pvt (I'm on streamate so your private viewers can leave ratings...
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    When you're in the middle of a private then everyone you've ever met decides to stomp around on the floor above your room. When 20 men come in your room and all at different times ask "are you into older men" I answer this, 7 times, come on. When you're finished with a broadcast and you have 3...
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    Favorite hot sauce?

    I like Franks Red Hot, taste buds can't handle extreme spice
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    What are your favorite sexual lubricant products?

    I like Shibari. It's water based so it doesn't feel as weird on my lady bits. My lady bits do not like silicone based lubricants!
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    What Do You Do to Prevent a Slow Room?

    I usually put on some music and dance around, doing a little teasing in the process. If it doesn't entertain anyone at the very least it entertains me and keeps me moving.