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  1. classy_veronika

    How to increase bonga camscore faster

    Hi everyone! I started camming on Bonga recently and it was going pretty well. But in the beginning on January I couldn't really focus on camming because of some personal problems. I wasn't online as much for about 2 weeks and didn't do very well. Of course my camscore went down and I've been...
  2. Rachel_Hazel

    Dealing with roommate/dorm issues?

    Hey there, I'm Rachel_Hazel from MFC. Super excited to make my first post! I'm new here, but I've been camming on and off since Novemberish. My camscore just reached 3074 and I just had a show where I got 5000 from 2.5 hours for the first time since my first stream, so I'm getting really into...
  3. KattySteel


    Hello everyone ! This topic I have searched even in the deep web (j/k) and the information that exists is very little. Context. I have exactly 1 month and 25 days since I first cam on myfreecams, the problem is this. Since I started, the camscore it has dropped to 300 and I was able to stay in...
  4. L

    Huge drop in camscore!

    Hi, I was a bit shook today when my Camscore dropped from 1457 to 1382 with actually no reason! I was doing okay today, also last 60 days were good too, so I don't know what that means. When I'm trying to contact support all they can reply is a link to their Wiki about Camscore. Anyone had...
  5. DanniMFC

    Cam Score Glitch?

    Hey, so I'm not sure if this is a glitch or if I'm just crazy. But essentially tonight I was in a show, my cam score was rising after last week being pretty iffy. Token count was about average for me, etc etc. Then suddenly, my cam score dropped over 2000 points? I've never had this happen...
  6. PinkCat

    Decrease in viewers/tippers

    Okay so I know a lot of people on here are saying that summer is slower, but I feel like it's been especially slower for me the past couple months even though I've stuck to a more consistent schedule lately, been using my snapchat and twitter more often, and have been making a couple videos and...
  7. MissJasminax

    How do I become more popular on myfreecams?

    Hiii! So basically... I just want some tips and advice on how to be more interesting and how to build up my camscore... I am near enough at the bottom :( Would love for you guys to help me out, will be so greatful! :* Thank you!!:kiss:
  8. Gwen devill

    What am I doing wrong?

    I cam EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. The past 6 months I've been caming every single night I'm always online I live alone in my own apartment and my only job is to be a cam girl. I spend most of my days snapping regulars selling skypes and mailing ALL of my panties. Recently my laptop broke and I was...
  9. troubleMeika

    I looooove MFC, but....

    I'll try to be short bt clear. I've been camming on MFC for 2 months already (was 1 month on SM and i loved it, but i had sign up with a studio and they were shitty people), and i like it aa looot, i like the guys, the vibes of the site, the interface etc. But there is only one problem... I...
  10. MelodyMaze

    How are girls keeping camscore up and working many hours?

    So realistically there are good days and slow days. When it is dead in my room I will log of within 15 to 30 mins and it can suck spending the time to get ready to cam and then it be a waste of time it feels like. Every time I have a slow day my camscore drops really fast and as a result I will...
  11. Angie_ChuckOk

    NOBODY in my room, hard beginnings

    Hi, everybody! I am Angie and I am a new model in MFC, I have been reading this forum for months and it is so cool, I´d like to ask some help or advise, I am very worried about camming, this is my first week on and things are much worst than I thought, my problem is NOBODY comes into my room...
  12. D


    I know this has been asked a bunch of times, but I could not find the specific answer I have been looking for. I also know there is an advertising thread here in a form, but my question is what OTHER types of advertisment are really successful for getting more people into your room, tipping...
  13. Puffin

    Highest Camscore

    On MFC last night BlissTime started off the month leading Miss MFC after a large tip from her whale. BlissTime's camscore today stands at 123165, having searched ACF and google, this appears to be the all time record on MFC. Her whale has been tipping publicly on each occasion that she is...
  14. DaniellaBlaze

    Low CamScore :(

    Hey guys! First off, this is my first post, so I have nooo idea what I'm doing. Secondly, you guys here are all amazing. I love you all! *kisses* So basically, I started on MFC about two months ago, with a camscore of 1000. Now as of this day, my camscore is, brace yourself... 415... I've been...