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  1. M

    MFC Automatically Records Public Cam

    So, for my fellow camgirls, I found a site that records all public chats. Like everything. And for myself, its impossible for someone to record every single cam of myself so i asked my friend to make one and broadcast for a few mins. Sure enough, hers was recorded and she had like two guests, no...
  2. Trixie_Treats

    APPLE USERS: How to record a broadcast?

    Hey all, I'm curious how to record a live broadcast on an apple computer while camming. Sometimes theres some hella sexy moments that Id love to record and sell on mfc share. I watched a tutorial on here but it was for a PC and when I looked for adobe flash live media encoder it's not...
  3. BreeGranger

    What camera is best for creating awesome photos and videos?

    Hello everyone, I'm in the market for a new camera. My budget is around $500 and I am looking for something that will take good pictures (after some practice) and good video. I have a vanilla blog I want to take awesome pictures for but I also want to get a camera that will be able to take some...
  4. ruby86

    xsplit alternative for mac?

    hello beauties can anyone suggest an alternative to xsplit for mac users? I wanna start recording my streams, but don't really know where to start. after reading a few posts on here about xsplit, I tried to download it... but alas, it's windows only. thank you sooo much x x x
  5. KandiCamGirl

    Video Converter… Which one do you suggest?

    I need to download a video converter and need help. I cam and the site I use allows you to record but in order to save the video on your computer, You have to use a screen capture program which I have and used to say files on my computer. I need an additional program to convert that video to a...
  6. E

    A question on custom videos (very law-related) - manyvids/clips4sale etc.

    So there's a model I met on streamate who is pretty fun playing with and I found out she has a manyvids account. Naturally, recording live/private sessions is not allowed so I was delighted to see that she had a manyvids store. Manyvids allows you to commission a custom video for a certain fixed...
  7. MrRodry

    "Strangers Tried Blackmailing a Camgirl with Photos, So She's Selling the Photos"

    Cool article at MotherBoard about a cam model dealing with her screencap content and people trying to blackmail her. More info at the source -
  8. creme

    Softwares for recording your own streams?

    Hey there, I tried searching for any existing threads but couldn't seem to find any. I was wondering if fellow models could throw some suggestions and tell me which softwares they use to record their own streams, I'd like to not only reflect but also maybe create GIFs and just keep an archive...
  9. doesmeproud

    Struggling with recorded content and removal of?

    I'm having a slight nightmare here. Im hoping some kind soul can shed some light, provide a solution or maybe just some comforting rhetoric. :) (apologies in advance I am a guy model, but a very respectful one, and I just can't find as wonderful and compassionate camming forum as here)...