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2 accounts on chaturbate

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Jan 31, 2021
Hello everyone.
Could you tell me if it is allowed by chaturbate rules to have 2 active accounts? I have asked their support multiple times but it seems they do not understand me.
I just want to have 2 model accounts and broadcast sometimes from the first and sometimes from another (not at the same time)
Will I not be banned for this?
Thank you
Jan 15, 2021
As far as I understand it's not a problem to have 2 accounts. I've even seen a model performing on 2 accounts at the same time (2 cameras in different positions in the room, 2 different names - no idea why but she was doing it).

I have two accounts on CB, same email address for both - one did get banned but once I sent in age verification it was restored.
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Apr 5, 2020
Viewers are allowed to be online with two accounts at the same time, even tipping with both accounts in the same room at the same time, that was once confirmed to me by the support. But I don't know the regulations for broadcasters. But after you said that you didn't get a clear answer from the support because they didn't seem to understand you: For getting a reasonable answer, it might be helpful to ask as specific as possible about what you're planning to do. I can imagine that they don't generally approve this. It would at least be understandable for me that they would not accept 2 accounts that broadcast at the same time. But that it possibly could be accepted if a model explains that she wants to run 2 different programs (for example a "vanilla account" and a "fetish account" to address different target groups) and if she states that she will never be online with both accounts at the same time. But that's just a guess, only the support (or punker-barbie) will be able to give you a binding answer.
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Nov 12, 2017
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The only rule you need is what was mentioned above by @rumplestiltskin - if you stream from 2 accounts at the same time on CB they must both be from different camera angles, to avoid looking like you are using a recorded video on them both.
So, with this answer, having 2 accounts and streaming from both at different times, is perfectly fine - regardless of whether you use the same camera for both or not.

This was confirmed for me when I asked @punker barbie for a model who was creating a new account and wanted to get new followers on her new account, so she streamed from both (she was decent and if she went to private on one, she would add a token per minute bot for the other one, and vice versa).
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