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2017 off to a sweet start :)

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After we had such a fantastic DecAmber I did not expect such a sweet January, too! I want to thank everyone who made the first month of 2017 so great, especially in the last few days when I have been really sick (I think the stomach flu found me, bleh! :yuck:) there was such an outpouring of support to help make my final goal. And final rank was #182! Feels good, man. So I want to also share some excitement and positivity for the months to come...

February will be interesting. I'll be taking an 8-day vacation from camming to visit MamaCutie in Utah mid-month. I'll be gone for Valentine's Day for the first time in years (I think I've been on cam for pretty much every Vday since 2010). My cam schedule until the trip will be pretty relaxed. We'll do usual stuff during cam time, but aren't pushing for anything crazy. If we finish Feb in the top 400 I'd be ecstatic.

When I return from the trip, I'll be finalizing details for MegaMarch! March is my birthday month so I'm hoping we can make it special. Top 75??!! That's the goal, and we'll have extended cam days/hours, goodies and such to encourage folks to help a long the way.

Again, thank you to my supporters. You've made me feel incredible. Looking forward to continuing a wonderful 2017 with you all! :joyful:
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