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5 Things to do to help with COVID19 Pandemic - Mental Health

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Feb 26, 2016
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Hello I am a follower and fan of cam models, I am also a Therapist. The past few weeks I have been talking with a lot of people, online counseling. Everyone one of my clients I talk about 5 things, 5 daily goals you can do each day to help the day feel productive. There will be some days you don’t do anything, some days you may get 2-3 goals done and some rocking days you will get all 5 done. I encourage clients to set their own 5 goals, because everyone is different. Some people are working due to be an essential employee, others are at home staring at 4 walls endlessly. So there is no formula, but I do find that a few good suggestions to get you started are helpful. Good examples are; eating at least two healthy meals a day, going to bed at a consistent time to help you get 7-8 hours of sleep, taking a daily shower, getting dressed for the day (get out of PJ’s), excercise, go outside, reach out to someone you love on the phone or online just to say hi, read something that challenges you emotionally or intellectually, read a good novel, play a game with those in your home (non digital), play with play dough, play with a child what a child wants to play, limit alcohol use or no alcohol or substance, and so much more.

What are your ideas and suggestion, what would be your 5?
Apr 9, 2020
Clean a part of the house, prepare healthy food, other than that you covered my five. I’m also about to get started cramming, but that’s not suitable for everyone, lol. Maybe rearrange stuff?
Apr 29, 2019
find clues in my twitter profile
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Don't forget sex (not too few, and not too much)

Clean a part of the house,
oh yes, that... The important here imo is "a part of".
I started the operation "One day, One window" and I made a schedule for the next step "One week, One piece of furniture "

I'm only not very sure that it's good for the point 'Mental Health'
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