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A client asking for my email for private photos & videos

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Feb 26, 2016
Hi there!
Someone messaged me and wants private photos and videos and wants my email address rather than going on cam and phone chat! What shall I do? surely they can only pay you on cam and phone chat? as private bank transfer might not be trusted? help! Thanks kawaiipussy! :happy:


Jan 18, 2016
At the whim of the wind
: Not a model, but I'm on just now and share this

Be aware when you send email you expose your local IP address, even when sending through Hotmail, Yahoo - Gmail I need to look at again. Sharing email is a fast way to give away your location.
Aug 24, 2012
I would suggest until you know a customer for at least 1 year and feel comfortable with him, stay within the standard options to do business, so only through the site you are working on, everything else is likely ending in tears and trouble...

Oct 18, 2011
Not a model but stuff to keep in mind...

  • Never give out your personal email unless you're absolutely, positively, 100% certain the member can be trusted. And even then, think twice and only do it if there's a real reason to, which for camming purposes will be exceptionally rare
  • Have an email set aside purely for camming purposes that isn't linked to any personal social media websites for sending out content. But even then, most things you can easily and safely send through the site you work on, so if someone wants to go out of their way to circumnavigate that, that's a red flag. Be weary, yo
  • Always take payment through the site you work on. Never accept Paypal. If you do accept gift cards, make sure you've used the gift card and the item is with you before providing anything in return
Mar 2, 2016
I have done that with a few models, and actually gotten to know some. But that's only after a while. I wouldn't say a year; maybe a month or even a couple of weeks, depending on the nature of conversations you've had and how transparent the client has been. So yes, you can do that, but be careful and make sure you have the upper hand on knowing personal information.

I believe I'v been to your room on CB (if that's you), btw, and you are very beautiful and charming.
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