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Account Banned Please Help!?

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acct name: SexxxyTaylor - ticket # 19775358

Hi, I'm new here & seeking help bc my account was just banned for drug paraphernalia. I have never even been suspended before & I am sorta freaking out bc I'm not sure if this is forever or if there is any coming back from this. However I noticed some other girls on here contacting @punker barbie , so I will try as well. Of course I immediately contacted CB support, however from what I've been reading on here, some people are saying that support does not respond to tickets per accounts being banned. Firstly, I admit that I have smoked on camera before, but mostly tobacco. & I admit that I messed up by even using a bowl bc it's impossible for anyone to truly know what is inside it being smoked. I just would like to know is there any coming back from this? Bc I see models smoke bongs, bowls, vapes, blunts & joints casually on there many times, so my biggest mistake here is not taking this rule as seriously as it I suppose it is. I've only ever received a couple warnings, that did not mention my acct could or would be banned. Although I imagine it's probably somewhere under TOS, which CB won't even let me click the TOS link to re-read to see what the penalties & such are.

I will start by saying that if for some reason I'm able to have my account reinstated that you can be sure that I will absolutely never do it again. I had no idea this could happen & I am devastated, as I cam to keep the roof over my family's head & food in our stomachs. Idk if it's relevant, but my doctor did recently start the paperwork for me to get my medical marijuana card, which I don't even need bc it's legal recreationally where I live. Please know this is not me trying to validate or ask to be allowed to continue to smoke on camera at all, but I thought it might be worth mentioning. I am so scared right now, I'm trying not to have an anxiety attack bc this is a major loss to me right now. & it just so happens that my current Lush toy broke yesterday & my warranty is up, so I JUST ordered a new one less than 24 hours ago priority shipping, which I definitely would not have rushed to do if I knew this could happen.

I have been camming with CB for about 2 years now. I have a 91% rating, over 9500 followers, & have made thousands of dollars for both myself & the site (since they take half). I know my tokens I guess are being seized & is it really true that this is permanent? and that at no point in time will I ever be able to work for Chaturbate even in the future or under a new account at a later date? I feel so awful & stupid right now & my main priority is to do whatever I can to try to rectify the situation. Again, I realize I broke the rule whether it was tobacco or weed, however since I always see so may other models smoke so I thought if it was that serious to the point of permanent account deletion, that that many people wouldn't casually risk having their accts banned. Either that or perhaps they are merely just younger than I am & camming is maybe more of a recreational thing or side hustle for them; that they don't have the same financial obligations & responsibilities as myself or most people my age.

I'm new to this site, ambercutie, but I have been here before when seeking advice or looking up further info about different aspects of camming. I'm not even sure if I'm posting this in the correct place, nor do I know the difference between a sticky thread vs regular thread. I do hope other models or members here are able to comment & contact me. I appreciate any input or advice anyone might have about this. & I do hope to hear from @punker barbie or someone from CB if possible. I also welcome other cam girls to comment or follow me here, as this is my 1st time joining a SW forum or forum of any sorts. I welcome fellow cam girls to follow me. If anyone has been through this same experience or might know more than I do, please let me know.

Any & ALL feedback, help & support again is MOST appreciated! I guess all I can do now is pray.
this issue has been resolved. thanks if anyone here had anything to do with it. I didn't think support would be that quick especially on a Sunday & I also started reading posts from others saying support doesn't respond to them all-together, so that's why I was freaking out. Still happy to be here for networking & other forums like Lush troubleshooting or funny cam stories or something (if a forum exists).

thank you!
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