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Account Banned

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Jun 7, 2022
Hello Chaturbate (@punker barbie )

On March 22, I tried to register on our website, but the message dropped out — We require a Passport for your account. We cannot accept a driver's license or any other type of identification for your account.
A little later I lost my passport and was given a new one, which I uploaded for age verification and on April 6 I was approved.
On April 8, when trying to go on the air, they requested repeated verification by age.
On April 9, when uploading documents, I received a message:This person is already age verified on your account. If you are replacing an existing ID, please contact support.
I contacted the support service, but received a message that I was banned.

Please tell me what to do, I will do everything. I really want to work on your site. Please help. @punker barbie you are all my hopes.

username: raphael_corso
Ticket: 19331167

Not open for further replies.