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Accounts banned after uploading ID

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Apr 11, 2022
Hi we are a studio account with 18 active model accounts.
Our studio account is active and not banned... However we seem to have an issue with uploading ID's on a regular basis.
We create new accounts for brand new models that have never worked online before and almost 50% of the time the accounts are banned within 20 minutes. It seems to be an automated system issue.
So we then have to reach out to support and ask them to manually review the ID that we uploaded... It seems though that some support staff don't want to look at the emails properly. They just look at the account name and see it's banned and then send us an identical reply saying the account is banned and they will not reply to us.

We have contacted chaturbate support about this so many times. What normally happens, is we contact support via our studio account and query what the issue is about a particular model, we then get a generic email response saying the account is banned and they will not reply etc etc.
I then have to reply explaining that I am writing from our studio account and that there has been no issue with the model's, or the model has never streamed before.

@punker barbie I have really struggled to fix these issues for my models. I don't think it's fair for accounts to be banned just because the ID photo quality wasn't good enough, or in some cases the model worked for a previous studio... That seems to be the main issue. Sometimes we have active accounts and we add a new model to that account and then that account gets banned. Not fair on the other model that uses that account. Please can someone look into my issue without a generic response?
The request number is 19437872 Our studio username is Night_Bigass_Moderator
Every time support reply, they post the same email response without actually dealing with the issue.
They ignore the body of the email and instead they reply with “account banned we will not reply again”….. but we’re a studio account that keep getting new model accounts banned when we upload ID. These models are brand new and have not broken any TOS.

They replied today to 3 of our emails and all said the same thing. They’re not even reading the emails.

None of the accounts I listed on the email actually broke any TOS, they literally were all cases of; we created new accounts for new models... Added the ID, then 20 minutes later the account was banned. One account said "no filters allowed on images"... There was no filter. We took the photos again and then uploaded them again.. 20 minutes later... banned.

Username: night_bigass_moderator
request ID (19445288)
Please help @punker barbie

This is so stressful for us and the models. Support only ever say the same thing. They never actually look at the emails we send and actually manually check or verify the accounts.
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